Being connected

Although this blog is new, I’m certainly not new to blogging.  Currently, I’m re-friending people that I used to be connected to on my last blog (Trust me, I appreciate you all for over-looking my craziness), but part of the reason I’m back is because I recognize how connected I am to people online.  It’s somewhat pathetic, and I recognize that, but it’s as authentic as I know how to be.

There is something about our personal connections that many of us find necessary in our lives.  Even for the introverted among us, we are still social creatures and tend to thrive off being connected to one, two, three of a kazillion people.  Being able to relate to someone or have them relate to us makes our lives valid in some way. And I just saw a couple of ways that is important.

For example, yesterday I was exchanging emails with someone I consider a friend.  We have a unique connection in our love of a certain matter of intellectual thought that tends to only appeal to the analytically minded, but it has always been our connection.  We have another trait we share, and it’s the fact that neither one of us feels like we have any friends in our so-called “real-life”.  We find out social outlet online and we both use the opportunity to blog about some of our inner most thoughts and feelings and we both find that we worry about how many people will be scared away from the things we share.  I took notice of this commonality we share, because it has the capacity to understand another person and the things they handle in his or her life.  Sometimes, it is simply nice knowing you’re not the only one that struggles.

Another example I saw is from another blog I read this morning (I’m not sure when it was posted, however) in which the blogger explained running into a store clerk that had a story quite similar to her own. She expressed a unique connection to this person because they had both struggled through something in almost the same exact way.  The blogger expressed her desire to be kind to the other woman, because of that shared struggle. The compassion they were able to share was one that no one else will quite get in the same way, but this blogger just felt like they were connected for some reason beyond herself and she felt compelled to offer kindness, a hug and compassion.

My point is that we all need connections…

I’ve been in a process of trying to understand myself, and I miss it entirely.  It reminds me one time, during a heater argument with my wife when I was asked, “What do you need in a relationship…?”  And the truth of the matter is that I have never been able to answer that, because I don’t really know how to verbalize what I need, because I can’t fully recognize my needs. It is something I constantly worry about, something I fret over because I find myself, often, wanting more out of life…and yet, I don’t even know what is the “more” I seek.

But I do know, I am thankful for the connections I have made here, even if I don’t show that appreciation and go and do something dumb like delete my previous blogs.

4 thoughts on “Being connected

  1. “I find myself, often, wanting more out of life…and yet, I don’t even know what is the “more” I seek.”

    This is exactly how I feel. I’m not happy with my life… yet I have no idea how to change that because I don’t know what my goal is. I feel like I know what I want but they are such huge fantasies that I know they’re never going to happen… so I don’t feel that those can be my goals… Know what I mean?

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