I am having one of those nights…

For the past 11 days, I have been absolutely swamped at work.  I finally had some down time and ran into town to grab a few things from the store to finish out my hitch at work.  I knew, when I got back, that I needed to work on a homework assignment because it is due before midnight.  I also have an obligation to finish a closing report for a project that ended a month ago and I told my boss that he would have it by Monday morning.

Well, because the drive into town was a lonely one, it left my mind to wander and wander it did.  I began to contemplate so much going on in my life. I pondered my marriage. I pondered my own needs for a change. I pondered other stuff. And I pondered how unfulfilled I am in life. I am still struggling with so many things and I simply do not know how to give myself a break.

I don’t feel like doing the things I need to do…

I feel like a break…

A break I’ll never get.

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