Five Reasons I Won’t Read a Blog:

A friend of mine at Hot Mess Memoir posted today about 5 Reasons She Won’t Read a Blog and it seemed like a catchy topic, so I’m going to further this cute little trend with my own and talk about 5 things that turn me off to a post or a blog.  Although, I hate hurting people’s feelings, I realize that my opinions may strike a nerve; in my defense, however, I tend to like people but realize I won’t like every single opinion they have. So, hopefully, my unlikeable opinions will still earn me the right to be called likeable by anyone who reads this.

Without further adieu, here is my little list:

1.) Posts about Vaccinations:

Okay, this might be the one thing that could hurt some people’s feelings. But trust me, if I’m willing to call my own sister an idiot, it’s not going to save you from me questioning your sanity either, but vaccinations are important.  Most of the people that refuse to get their kids vaccinated, I believe, are hoping to keep their kids safe and sound from conditions like Autism.  And I can’t blame them for wanting the best for their kids – I mean we all do, right?

But here’s the problem, most of the people who make that decision are making it based upon how they feel and not based on a logical test of the available information.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I grasp that many of these people also believe that there is a big governmental conspiracy that forces us to be enslaved to pharmaceutical companies, but the reality is that the overwhelming majority of kids that get vaccinations live GREAT lives and are not impacted by the negative outcomes.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against maintaining constant research on the topic, but at least do it with the idea that you don’t have a goal in mind (that’s called, “Doing Science” by the way).

So, get your kids vaccinated and quit with the conspiracy theories or I’m going to think you believe the earth is flat too (Oh, my GAWD, have you seen these morons?”

2.) Politics

Politics are icky and I’m sure no one would care for mine, so I just vote and keep my pie hole shut.

3.) Most of the default WordPress posts that you are defaulted to following when signing up

Although, many of these posts are interesting, I don’t always read them. It’s pretty rare that I do. I also feel like since EVERYONE sees them, there is little I could add to any conversation or share that other people haven’t been involved.

4.) Parenting Advice

Like you fackers know any better than anyone else?!?! There was no user’s manual attached to the ass of the little heathen’s when they’re born.  However, I LOVE reading the ones where the parents are discussing life with little miscreants, because THAT is reality folks!

5.) Blogs that post excerpts of the Bible….alone.

I was in college once and watched a professor rip some poor girl a new rear end for reading her power point presentation by saying, “Do you think we’re all idiots and can’t read for ourselves?! You failed the presentation.”  (By the way, I hated that professor at the time, but came to respect him more than any other.) I hate being proselytized and feel like if I want advice or need some spiritual guidance, then I am capable of picking up a bible and reading it myself, and if I don’t understand it, I’ll ask someone that might know something about it.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t;t bother me when people are making commentary  – I probably won’t read it, but at least it is more intellectual at that point. I also realize some people cite passages out of the bible as a point to emphasize what they are discussing, but that makes perfect sense.

No, I’m talking about people simply posting excerpts with nothing else… Seriously, boring.

13 thoughts on “Five Reasons I Won’t Read a Blog:

  1. YESSS on the parenting advice! Also, I am growing weary of reading post after post written by “experts” in things such as fall fashion, drinking water, and food prep. I can’t anymore. There are way too many cooks in the kitchen, if you catch my drift!

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