I survived a workout.

Nine rounds, three minutes per round, constantly moving, sweat pouring, working out and feeling oddly good.

That’s right, I went and worked out today.  I let nothing prevent it today – even though I have one car that is not drivable due to a traffic accident a week ago (everyone was safe, and I was not driving) and another one stalling on the way to the gym. I went and worked out.  Honestly, I’m so happy with myself, I could cry.  And maybe I did…a little.

So, my workout consisted of 9 different stages doing a different workout. Each workout focused on staying moving, with some resistance training and by the time you complete the entire 9 rounds, you have had a total body workout.  I got to hit and kick bags, did some things for my core and generally just tried to get through it.  I didn’t set lofty goals for myself, I simply knew that showing up would be the hardest thing I would do. Shockingly, although I had to take a couple short breaks to catch my breath, I managed to do the entire workout session.  It felt really good to have exerted some energy and I got to relieve so much stress that I got tear eyed and had to whimper a little – of course, that might have been me trying to suck some wind.

I accepted that I wouldn’t be like anyone else that showed up; I simply accepted that I had to start and where I started was not nearly as important as getting out there and doing it.  I was lucky enough to not have too many people show up. The trainer was a girl half my age and way more energetic than I have felt in many, many years.  Okay, so maybe I’m a little jealous that she looked incredibly healthy and I don’t, but I didn’t let that negative thought overpower me and I Stayed with it.  Honestly, they only drawback I feel at the moment is the fact that I had all kinds of phlegm dislodge from someplace in my lungs and end up in my throat. I find myself trying to clear it out even now, but it keeps coming back. The part that sucks, is that it ends up on my gag reflex and feels like…um…well…it just feels icky and makes me want to gag. Water is helping though.

Anyways, I don’t want to belabor this, but I am proud of myself…

I haven’t felt good in a long time.

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