Just Some Things I Like…

I had a thought today, somewhat inspired by my last post, and I just thought I would run with it. My thought is this – I post so many things about what I don’t like about my life, I thought I would try to maintain a positive vibe today and post some things I like or some things I enjoy.  Granted, this is totally self-focused, but I think I need a moment to love myself.  So, here are a few things I like, with comments:

  1. Triple venti non-fat latte – Obviously, from Starbucks!  Seriously, if it wasn’t for the fact that I work in remote locations without a Starbucks within miles, I would have one EVERY SINGLE DAY!
  2. Hiking – I am a native of Colorado. I was born and raised here and it is quite normal for people living in Colorado to have spent plenty of time in the mountains. I used to go so much as a kid with my dad who took me and my brothers and sisters hiking.  I spent time not doing it and I started again a few years ago and realized how much I missed doing it.  I’m seriously in need of some mountain therapy and since Winter is practically here in the high country of Colorado, I’ll be busting out my snow shoes!
  3. My family – I don’t share a lot about my kids and wife on here. Part of the reason is because I do use this blog as a place to air some of my frustrations and things I keep to myself a lot.  But I really do love my family – even in spite of some of the tough times my wife and I have had.
  4. Martial arts – I love fighting.  Seriously, it’s about the only manly thing about me that I like.  I’m not much of a sports fan other than martial arts.
  5. My Blue Eyes – Okay, I spend a lot of time insulting myself, so I’m mentioning one thing I definitely like about myself – my eyes.  I’ve received a lot of compliments about them and I just wanted to mention it. #vanityrocks
  6. The Real Housewives on Bravo TV – Okay, okay, it’s not manly or studly at all, but I totally get into watching these. My favorite are the New Jersey, Orange County and New York ones…probably because I’ve watched more of those than the others. But still…  Does this make me a deplorable human being? #WeAllHaveFaults
  7. A stout beer – I’m a huge fan of Guinness, but living in Colorado with a crap-ton of craft breweries, I’ve had the opportunity to appreciate several different stout beers.  Although, it’s true that I really worried I might be an alcoholic for a while, I have come to realize that I have no problem stopping.  Then again, maybe I do, but it doesn’t seem to impact me in a negative way…so, I’m running with it for now.
  8. And other stuff – Okay, really, I got called away to do something and when I got back I wasn’t sure what else to say…


12 thoughts on “Just Some Things I Like…

  1. Now I want to see those baby blues…..maybe one day you can a picture of your eyes? I’ve tried getting into the Real Housewives but just couldn’t but I do love some reality shows!

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