Kicking Ass

Just because I wanted to remind myself I’m capable…
Of course, it’s highly self-centered, but so what?!

Acquiescent Soul

***Warning: I am 100% sure this post will use the “F-word”, because I find it is perfect motivation for this Wednesday morning.***


Several days ago, I mentioned that I felt like I finally hit bottom.  I finally reached the point where I was so fucking sick of feeling sorry for myself. I think what finally did it, is hearing one of my own children telling me I was always negative.  It hit me like, “What the fuck?!?!  I’m the most positive mother fucker around?!?!?!”  Obviously, I didn’t say that to my kid…she’s got a filthy mouth as it is, I certainly didn’t need to add to it. She was right – and I also realize I’ll be stating the obvious, but I had become a victim and adopted a victim mentality to my own life.  I’m truly horrified by this proposition.

So, I made a fucking…

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4 thoughts on “Kicking Ass

      1. No need to thank me, I promise. And if you have to convince yourself of your bad-assness, then do so. I get hating it, but you have zero to be ashamed of. Depression is not an act, and it’s not your fault. We all have to pep talk ourselves. You’re certainly not alone. 😊

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