Sometimes, I Get to Break Out My Girly…

Okay, okay, okay…I know I said I wasn’t going to write much about my boring ass sexuality, but today it just hit me…okay, actually, last night it just hit me, that I love it when I can break out my girly side.  Anyways, it hit me last night, during a Twitter conversation when a friend of mine told me, and I quote, “Because I said so bitch!! And I say that lovingly!” It just kinda hit me how much I enjoy “time with the girls” and I like having girlfriends.  Granted, it might seem odd, since I have boy parts, and all of my outward exterior stinks of masculinity, but I love that part of me. I love the part that can be one of the girls or when a female friend of mine refers to me as one of her girlfriends, or whatever.

It just makes me feel good.  Not weird or anything, just good. Like I am that friend…

I’ve been down this road in previous blogs, but I am more comfortable with myself now than I used to be.  I might seem twisted, but I have taken some sense of pride when someone mistakes me as a woman or a girl.  It’s a little comical to me, because I am so far from looking feminine that I would never actually try to go that route; but I like the idea that people can seem a feminine side to me.  It’s actually something I tend to cherish a lot now.  Granted, I am still a man, and I can throw back a few beers and fart and scratch myself with the best of them; but when I run across another women that compliments me by saying things like, “I’m glad I can talk to you like only a woman would understand”, it really makes me feel good.

I enjoy the girlfriends I have and I love that they seem me as a girlfriend too. It makes this guy feel secure in herself.

Thank you to those of you that see me as I am. ❤


18 thoughts on “Sometimes, I Get to Break Out My Girly…

  1. You wrote about having previous blogs and you’re writing reminds me of a dear friend I called Stephanie who had male parts as well. I often said “chin up princess or the crown slips”.
    I want to call you Stephanie and feel it is you.

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