I might be looking for work, very soon…

I took a stand for myself today.

I refused to allow my job to take advantage of me any longer and I took a hard line in the ground.  You might recall that I have the kind of job that keeps me away from home for weeks at a time. It’s not fun, and I took it, because I had been laid off a few years ago. This current position is several steps down from what I was making before and down from the position I held before, and I accepted it out of desperation.

Well, I have been asked and requested to take on some projects that require some skills and experience that others in our department do not have.  I have not refused one. Well, the current project I have is going to be lasting through the Thanksgiving weekend and I will have my time off shortened by a week, as it is (normally, I work two weeks on and two weeks off). So, when my boss called to express that higher ups were wanting me on the project, I refused…

“I’m sorry, but I am going to respectfully decline, and I intend to drive home tomorrow, as planned.”

So, anyone know of places to work for someone with a B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering and 15 years of experience in the oil & gas industry? And truthfully, I’d rather get out of the oil & gas industry…

6 thoughts on “I might be looking for work, very soon…

  1. It will all fall into place and everything happens for a reason. Good for you to stand up for yourself. It angers me when people just take advantage of others and it never ends as long as we allow for it to happen. Happy Thanksgiving love.

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