Questioning Values

Lately, I’m spending a lot of time questioning my values.  I discussed, in a previous post, that I felt like I was experiencing a bit of an existential crisis. The unfortunate thing about that post, is that my mind was so riddled with frustration, I felt it lacked any semblance of articulation in trying to approach the insight I was hoping to achieve.  In this post, I’m still frustrated, but I think I’m seeking to find a deeper understanding of myself and the world.  And, I think a light bulb in my head went on as the Christmas decorations went up – of course, it might have been the colorful lights turning on…

Anyways, the epiphany I had is that my frustrations of life are boiling down to the fact that I am questioning my values, my foundations and my assumptions about the world.  The reality is that I no longer believe any of the things I had instilled in me in my youth. Because of that fact, I have questioned everything and pondered every nuance of my understanding of the world (as a side note, I really don’t know shit). The things that I took great pride in understanding are no longer important to me – such as scientific knowledge and religious doctrine.  I don’t really have the time to list or discuss all of the many thoughts and questions I have, but suffice it to say that every foundation I have ever had has been brought into the examination of those things I value.

The problem is that the questioning and attempts at validating my values has created a situation where I no longer trust my values. This has caused me to reject many of them, leaving me feeling emotionally destitute. As a result, I no longer feel confident in anything – relationships, career, decisions, self-worth, etc.

Calling your own values into question, causes you to question your purpose in life…


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