2018? Come At Me, Bro!

I had a hard time thinking about what I wanted to write today to commemorate the incoming new year, and I have to be honest…

…it took me failing just one time coming up with something to writer about and I deleted it and here I am writing this profound piece that I know you all are just salivating to read (Admit it, you know you love reading my verbiage). But after spending the last week in bed (seriously, bronchitis has a way of kicking you in the Johnson, and if not there, then it feels like you were kicked in the chest), I had no idea what to say and felt like my original post was as if I was coming back in here like I’m Macklemore and thinking I own the place…


Truthfully, I was about to go on a tirade about how asinine I think New Years’ Resolutions are, but then I thought that my negative rendition of this routine custom might be highly discouraging to those that actually need to boost to start something in their own lives. And trust me, the last thing I ever want to do is discourage anyone from doing something great – that just ain’t my style.  And truthfully, I am in a place where I am becoming, oddly, reacquainted with my style.  In fact, this morning I took one of those silly little Facebook quizzes about your personality. It looked at your timeline (Supposedly…who knows?) and came up with a life motto based upon whatever algorithm is used and mine said this:

“Wake up. Kick ass. Repeat.”

And the first thing I thought was, “Fuck yeah, that’s me!” I felt a sudden surge of pride I had not felt in a long time and it seems to be riding on a wave I do not want to get off right now. And to diminish it with the post I was going to publish seemed rather self-defeating, and I’m just not doing that shit anymore. So, I rejected that post and thought I would offer one resolution for the 2018 year: I will be here to celebrate the coming of 2019!


In all fairness, the universe is not under my power….yet…but it is my intention to be a survivor of my life. It is my intention to appreciate that I have had a rough couple of years and, as many of you can attest from reading my various blogs, there were some dark times that made it seem like I was going to be a wrangled mess, twisted up on the inside and out.  I really don’t want to focus on all of the rough times, because I’d like to think I’m overpowering it all now, I’d like to think that these rough and dark times are not the things that define me. I feel like I have crossed the battlefield, not unscathed, but I have crossed it.  And at this point, I just feel like this year is got to be something different…


Now that is out there, I hope all of you, however you might celebrate and commemorate this New Year, I hope it meets all of your dreams and expectations!  And for those that struggle, please know there are those with compassion for you!

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