Odd Mood: Feeling Good…?

I know it already sounds like I’m leading into a melodramatic rendition of my emotional well-being, but the truth of the matter is that I am in a good mood today and it is not a feeling I am used to feeling over the past several years.  Although, I wish I had some great and wonderful news to share with all of you, I have no particular reason to feel like I’m floating on a cloud.  Truthfully, everything is just the same as it always is in my life.

Granted, I have been under the weather lately, so it might have something to do with the fact that I feel physically better than I have in the last two weeks. But there is something different about my outlook at the moment. I know there is nothing, really, that has changed about my circumstances in life and I would like to say I made the “magical” decision to be happy, but I haven’t.  Maybe it has something to do with acceptance…?

I’ve written about acceptance before. I’ve written that there is something about not fighting your situation and realizing that there are things we can’t control that gives us the freedom to see that there are things we can control.  I guess, on some level, I know I am doing every possible, reasonable thing anyone could do in my situation – I am giving my life my all.  Maybe that’s the ticket, huh?  Maybe the whole point of life is to just live it, regardless of outcomes…?  Truthfully, I don’t have any answers to life.

Whatever is going on in my mind, in my life, in the world, or anything around me, I know it’s nothing I’m doing, but I do feel good today.

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