An attempt at writing…

I have been inspired to write.  I have kept a few blogs now and I enjoy writing Haiku, quite a bit, as well as other poems, but to write a story? Eh…I’ve always been nervous to try.  I certainly wouldn’t think I’m good at this sort of thing, but in keeping the blogs I kept over the past few years, I have had several people express that I write well and I should consider doing something like this.  But no one has encouraged me more than Meg Sorick.

Yesterday, I mentioned her in a post and I got to thinking that maybe it was time to take the next step and make an attempt at a short story. She had also been so kind to offer to look at what I write – I’m not highly confidant in myself, in case you had not figured that out just yet.  But her encouragement has always been there, almost since the onset of the first time we connected here on WordPress. So, I’ve written the first chapter of a short story I’m going to tell and she took a look at it.  After a few suggestions, I have decided to post it.

I am not quite sure where I’m going to take the story. I have a small idea, but I am being open minded at the moment and kind of let the story tell itself.  I truly hope I am able to tell a story that people will enjoy and I hope to develop my writing skills.  For the time being, I will consider myself “playing at writing”, but who knows what will happen, huh?

Fell free to check it out and let me know what you think, I’ve posted a link here.

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