Stepping Into Controversy…

Politics was never much of an interest to me, until my late 20s or early 30s.  I mean, I registered to vote as soon as I turned 18, and I felt fairly comfortable about my political beliefs, but an active interest didn’t happen for me until well after high school and my first go-around in college. I’m not sure if there was any one thing that stood out in my mind that flipped the switch and made me think about the things I truly believed were important. Granted, I have always been registered as a Republican (OH MY GAWD!!! The horror, right?) and, typically, do not support democratic platforms. With that being said, there are caveats to this and some of them have been realized much later in life and have left me feeling….hmmm…I’m not sure, less accepting of government, in general.  I have come to change my opinion about some things in life, and have realized that I don’t exactly align with either major political party. Some of these have a lot to do with current political discussions from nay sources – mainstream media, independent media, Hollywood/Celebrities (Which, I almost unilaterally reject – easily over 99% of the time…), internet trolls (Okay, all joking aside…some things I see are just hilarious), as well as other sources of information. Truthfully, I probably align as a Libertarian more than any other party.

With that being said, it becomes readily obvious I tend to lean towards traditional conservative values (But, you’re bisexual????  WTF?!?!?!).  I am reluctant to admit it openly; because it feels like the moment you say it all of the “friends” you have online start dropping like flies and the attacks of various heinous insinuations begin. Of course, I do believe that the Republican Party in the USA is not what it was 15-20 years ago – it seems to be different (but, I could easily make that argument about the Democratic party, as well). But in the spirit of being open and honest, I’ve decided to make my political philosophies and leanings known on certain topics. I value conversation and people’s opinions, and I would welcome any discussion,  but I do not intend any disrespect in this post.  With that being said, I’m listing some of the more contentious issues facing the US and my brief opinion about them – some of them might be a tad shocking and you may not have expected it from me, so, I’ll begin with the most controversial:

  1. The current POTUS – I hate to admit it, but I voted for him. I also regret it, but I am far from a fan of Hilary Clinton. For me this, past election was not fun. I found it disgusting and truly heinous. I was a huge fan of Carly Fiorina and even Ted Cruz (Yes, yes, I know Ted isn’t exactly supportive of LGBTQ+, but I’ll express my thoughts later), but that was not my choice. And Gary Johnson?  Well…there was that Aleppo moment. Truthfully, if I could, I’d curl up and cry, because nothing about the election was good. But, I was not a fan of our last president’s policies, but I don’t believe he was evil and thought he was kind. I never said a cross thing about him. With that being said, I think our current president is far different in character, although a few of his policies I am supporting.  As I watch some things, I’m appalled about a lot, but I also have hope that something good will eventually happen.  I have always been a huge fan of respecting the office, even if you disagree with who is in it.  But, I admit I have major, major, major concerns and I am, simply, allowing time to happen and hoping for the best.  So far, I am reluctant to say it’s good…
  2. Tax cuts/Small government – I mentioned it up above, but I am not a huge fan of government – or any authority that wants to dictate how individuals live their lives. I have always believed that the marriage of money and government is almost like the marriage of religion and government – it’s not going to go well for the common woman or man.  With that being said, however, I also believe that some taxes are necessary, but in limited fashion. I do believe there has to be a way to assist people that are indigent, but not at the sacrifice to those that have no say in it.  To me, forcing someone to work to provide for someone else is akin to slavery (I used the word “akin” intentionally, because I recognize the analogy isn’t 100% accurate). But some would point out that corporations and the upper 1% should pay more. Like I said, I’m not 100% against taxes, but they shouldn’t be used to make those in government right either and that is the problem – Big Corporations and Big Government never works out for the little person. Period. Which is why I support a tax structure that keeps people – you and I – in charge of our own money. Let us decide where it’s best used.
  3. Illegal Immigration/DACA/The Wall.  I look at this as purely an economic issue. The fact of the matter is that illegal immigration is a pull on the economy. Do I think America should be the beacon of hope for the free world? Absofuckinglutely! But I also think there has to be a sense of protection – economically and safely; so, there has to be a way to strengthen helping people that need it and also secure our nation from dangerous people. How do we do that in such a way that meets both sides’ agenda?  I’m not sure and I might be wrong on this, ultimately, but here is where I stand on the three things in this category: Illegal Immigration – stop/hinder the flow until there is a proper vetting process to allow people a better life, but not damage the economy. DACA – Originally, I had a very hard line opinion about illegal immigration and people currently here illegally. My opinion is that this IS the greatest country and I can see why people would want to be here. If they are already here, make them citizens. Stop the horseplay and legitimatize them – make them a part of the system. But, for dangerous criminals – especially murders, rapists, child abusers, I think they should be placed them on death row.  Don’t deport them, so they come back (And I have that opinion about American criminals too). The Wall – Israel has a wall and it’s essentially a free country, so I can see the physical aspect being a good barrier, but I also recognize this as being a financial strain and may not provide the safety many of us would hope for.  But it also has symbolism that seems dictatorial. I guess, I am ambivalent on this and don’t really care.
  4. Abortion – Simply, I am against it. I was almost aborted, so maybe I have a bit of a bias about it.  But, I don’t think that women should be forced into a decision and that unwed mothers, or mothers facing hard financial and economic hardships need to be supported. I wouldn’t want anyone to have so many kids that they are permanent strains on the welfare system, but I also think that the pro-life groups don’t offer much in the way of alternatives. If we truly love babies, then we would do everything in our power to ensure they are coming into a world that supports them. But, I cannot imagine what it would be like to be pregnant and having no one willing to support my child – I have always had the opinion that if men did a better job demonstrating their love, compassion, kindness and desire to treat potential mothers with the respect and nurturing they deserve, then maybe there would be less desire to end a pregnancy. But, on face value, I support life – unless you’re a scum bag that rapes, murders and hurts children…then fuck you, I hope you die!
  5. 2A – Often you hear the quote, “The first would not exist without the teeth of the second”. I am a purest when it comes to the second amendment. In other words, I believe our forefathers wanted the general population to have the ability to take up arms against the government, if needed. But, I don’t know that I have the money or space to build a nuclear missile silo in my back yard. So, I think there is an unfortunate reality to the 2nd amendment: Modern Warfare has pushed it into the realm of being outdated.  But, I also think that people have an absolute right and duty to keep themselves and their family safe. This is not something that goes without noticing that there are more tendencies of mass shootings in history than ever before. I do believe we live in dangerous times, but since we cannot hold the government responsible when 500 people are shot in Las Vegas (there is civil case law relinquishing the government from responsibility when they cannot respond to a crime fast enough to prevent it from happening), then we have to have the ability to protect ourselves. But I would be lying, if I said that most people are capable of preventing these kinds of mass shootings – sadly, they are not ever prepared. Roaming Vigilantes, maybe? I don’t know the answer, honestly, but I am a purest when it comes the second amendment, as I am with the first amendment.
  6. 1A – I will fight to the death to defend your right to offend the hell out of me.  I truly feel the first amendment is in place to protect those things we do not like. And this protects opinions and speaking out against our government, other people, corporations, etc.  There are many groups of people that make me nervous and uncomfortable, but I do not want to silence people. No, I want to encourage them to speak out about their beliefs. I also think that the media gets away with informational murder, but they also should have the right to discuss whatever they think is important and it is up to opposing media outlets to offer their own discussion in response. I’m going to stop here on this one, because I know it can easily devolve into more contention.
  7. Marriage Equality – I hate to say it, but Christians fucked this up when they asked the government to intervene. There was a time in our country’s history when various Christian groups begged and begged for the government to make an intervention to protect “traditional” marriage by not allowing a certain state to become a state unless it agreed to reject polygamy. I have always held the belief that whatever consenting adults do in private is their own damned business and government should NEVER be involved. As soon as you invite the government to be involved in anything, then they MUST treat everyone the same – i.e. gay marriage licenses. So, my official opinion, is that if the government issues a license to one couple, then they have to recognize any other couple that is not breaking the law – i.e. incest and such…child marriage, etc. (Granted, I realize not all states are up to date on the fact that it’s fucked up to marry a 13 year old).
  8. Religious Freedom – I wholly support the idea that if you’re outlawed from a representation in government, then government can’t tax you. Period. And I say that, as a bisexual man. I think private cake makers can deny making a cake to anyone. I think a gay coffee shop owner can kick pamphlet delivering Christians out of his shop.  Do I think it’s smart for business? Of course not, but freedom of speech and freedom of religion is individualistic. I accept that a lot of Christians are not going to accept the fact that I can love a man, but I also accept that I don’t have to be a part of any religion I don’t want to be. I get to have sex with anyone willing to do it with me and you get to worship any way you want – even excluding me from your religious practices. It’s a private matter and it’s your choice. I love that idea.
  9. Welfare/Helping the poor – As much as I hate big government, I think helping the poor is absolutely needed. To me the best way to assist the poor is helping them get on their feet. Only rich people can do this – I have opinions on how this can happen and not sure how viable they are, so I’ll offer it some other time.
  10. Marijuana – I voted to pass it in Colorado. I don’t use it, but I don’t care if you do. Although, I think adults should be free to do what they want with substances, I also believe penalties need to be enhanced for criminal offenses committed during the use of substances – You choose the behavior, you choose the consequence. “I was high/drunk/faded” should NEVER be an excuse to something.  Fuck it! You wanted to do it, you’re the one that fucked up.

I could go on, because it seems like there is always something someone is upset about and wants to debate, but I am already getting bored with this post and want to end it.  I’m open to discussion, if anyone is interested, and please feel free to comment below or open a dialogue with me at


5 thoughts on “Stepping Into Controversy…

  1. I’m a moderate. I think we have a Moron as president , not a stable genius as only a moron would profess to be. I would vote for a chimp rather than watch the blatant nepotism and obscene degradation that is the basis of this president’s agenda . I must doubt your professed lifestyle or assume that you have no desire to attempt to protect it based on your political leanings. It reminds me if Kaitlyns rabid backing of Trump until he stomped on the LBGT community, only you don’t seem to be disturbed by that kind of bigoted mindset. Good luck to you and to all of us under the Trump regime.

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    1. “I doubt your professed lifestyle or assume you have no desire to protect it based on your political leanings” seems to be a bit nuanced with assumptions. I am okay with that assumption, I get it from both sides – liberal leaning people are horrified I support individual rights over the collective and conservatives are horrified that I’m bisexual. Of course, since you’re a moderate, I would suspect you’re capable of seeing that a two party system has the tendency to separate people into one side or the other and forcing a hardline acceptance of one or the other. What I’m claiming is to “lean” one direction, but I also think that there are flaws to accept that side in its entirety.

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      1. If we were discussing a normal POTUS I could agree but to support a racist and a bigot is something I will never do . Ihave chosen republican candidates in the past if I were in agreement with their agenda and felt they were a person of good moral character. Trump does noteven come close. I hate what he’s doing to our country and am pleased I don’t own it by having helped elect him.

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