I follow this blogger and always find her posts relevant and warm. I couldn’t resist sharing this today, because I am someone that struggles with self-love (Is that an understatement of the year or what?) and I know that seeing her up-coming posts about self-love sounds like a really great idea. And, because I’m the kind of person that enjoys spreading love, I can’t help but spread this around…

(Hopefully, she doesn’t mind)

I’d just discovered the importance of self love when I created this kwote in 2014. My self-love discovery actually helped awaken a more loving and authentic part of myself that I didn’t know existed. But, before I share that journey, I’ve invited several bloggers, family, and friends to answer this question: How do you love […]

via How Do You Love YourSELF 💝 — K E Garland

2 thoughts on “Self-Love?

  1. Awwww thank you lovely! I appreciate your words and you re-blogging this! I hope that you’ll enjoy what others have to say and offer by the way of self love. There are soooo many ways to practice this ❤

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