Continuing to write…

So, I finished the draft on the next chapter to the short story I am writing.  I have to be honest – I really struggled with this one.  I was not sure I knew what direction to take it and I was dealing with some other things over the past couple of weeks that made it difficult for me to concentrate. I do plan to post it, because I am kind of excited to be attempting this new engagement, but I’m also incredibly nervous.

Anyways, I have asked a friend to review it for any errors or suggest any possible edits. I hope that this experience, at the very least, helps me become a better writer. I am looking forward to this little journey I am on. And, if you’re interested, I have categorized this in MyWriting>Short Stories>A New Life.  Chapter 1 is already posted; when I have finished making any changes to Chapter 2, I will post it.

Also, I’m open to ideas, suggestion or any comments you might have.

Thank you!

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