Will It End?

I have a lot on my mind today, and I have something in my life that needs to end, but I have no idea how to make that happen.  I plan everything, and nothing is going as I planned. This is an on going issue, that I never feel like it ends.

I try and make the best of it. I try and remain positive, but having lived through this and seeing it’s impact on others, I don’t see positivity being an end result.

I know I’m being vague right now, but I just don’t know how to deal with any of this…


5 thoughts on “Will It End?

      1. I have the same quality.. its very frustrating! Do you find you cannot make the decisions, and you put them off, or just that there always seem to be a decision looming in the distance? I’m going to start meditating this week to see if it helps to clear my head a bit. At this point i’ll try anything.. sending you strength XO

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      2. Thank you, so much, for the strength! I’ll take it.
        Truthfully, I used to be very decisive and that’s part of the frustrating part…anymore, I trust none of my decisions and I’m worried about the outcomes – and these are for the decisions that I make now as well as the ones I make in the distance…
        I’m curious to find out how the mediation works, however, so please keep me posted!!


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