Today is a test.

Although, I’m an alcoholic, the past year has seen me go days and weeks at a time without drinking.  The reason is because I work away from home on somewhat isolated and remote locations with no access to beer. So, my drinking is a problem when I am home. Typically, over the past year, I get home and go to dinner and the drinking begins and pretty much doesn’t end until I go back to work.  My last time home seemed easier, but this time seems a little more difficult.

This past week at work was challenging. I didn’t sleep much, there were problems with operations and I was pushed to some limits that made life a little tough. I had been craving beer quite a bit over the past few days – thankfully, I could not get any.  But I’m going home tonight, finally, and it’ll be fairly late. I’m sure I’ll be able to avoid it today, but tomorrow is going to be a little more difficult. My intention is to hit a meeting the first opportunity I get, but the craving is pretty high today.  I’ll also be calling my sponsor in a couple of hours, as I pack and prepare to drive home.

Today, my thoughts are sporadic, crazy and may even yield a few more posts as I try and keep my mind busy.

24th, 24-hour period…

11 thoughts on “Today is a test.

      1. Make a list of things to go.
        Work out, get a massage, go grocery shopping, go to to Yoga.
        Something that gets you through the day. Even if it’s hard.
        Tomorrow it will be worth it.

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