A Typical Sunday…

…involves all kind of obligations.  And it has the tendency to relieve me from my thoughts, but instilling a different kind of anxiety. The anxiety I feel is one of over estimating my abilities to meet everyone’s needs.  I’m not so good at setting boundaries, I don’t say “no” very well at all.

Yet, today, I’m managing it okay because I decided to adopt some other frame of reference: “Fuck it”.  I simply can’t do everything I want to do and I’ve decided to not give a “fuck”.  But, I have been accomplishing a lot – I went to breakfast with my wife, took my wife to work, went to an AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) meeting, took my daughter to see my mom and then took my wife lunch, and I also had a conversation with my sponsor.

I’ve been kind of busy for the past few days and I have not had much of a chance to write. In fact, the meeting I went to today was a bit of a bore and I had a tough time getting into it. I mentioned it to my sponsor and he said, “You’re honest.” And then went on to explain, of course, that it happens and that he has walked out of meetings; but, he also said he didn’t leave it at that and always called someone in the program to make sure he is in the right frame of mind.  I appreciate that, because I have a horrible tendency of beating myself up over things.

And then I asked him something about my sobriety date. My last drink was on February 12th of this year, which means I am approaching a month’s worth of sobriety.  Well, February being only 28 days, means 30 days of sobriety will be the 14th of March and so I asked my sponsor about it and he said I should claim the month’s worth of sobriety tomorrow. Of course, I expressed that I thought I was over-thinking it (I’m extremely good at doing this, in case you were wondering…probably irritatingly so). I was.

Anyways, tomorrow, I’ll be busy again… AA meeting, where I have the chance to get one of those milestone chips, I have a visit to my doctor’s office, and I’ll be taking my wife to work, picking up one of my kids from school, and I’ll probably get tied up with other things…

…but I’ll finish today, sober.

27 days, approaching 1 month.

9 thoughts on “A Typical Sunday…

  1. You’re doing great. It’s great you talk honestly to your sponsor. We got the schedule for AA meetings near Woodstock NY here today, and there are tons of them, some for men, or women or open or all kinds of stuff–like maybe ten to fifteen a day within 20 miles. The one we passed by was men only, a closed group, and there were twenty cars or more, and the guys were just coming out and chatting. It was great to see a community being decent to each other. I am going to check if they ACOA meetings around here. They definitely have a ton of NA meetings, which is really good too.

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      1. Yup, some here too. I think there are so many different meetings, and the feel of some might suit you better than others. They have sunrise meetings here for early folks, like 6:45 am, and ones that seem to focus on the books and all. I’d check out the LGBT ones if you find the idea of them intriguing, and see if they feel more interesting or inclusive or supportive to you. Seems like a way to meet some nice possible friends who are trying to live a sober lifestyle.

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  2. I laughed out loud at your “overthinking” with complete resemblance – go grab your chip 😉 – there are different seasons in our life which require different priorities – sounds like yours are exactly where they need to be – ODAAT.

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