Will someone…?

…be so kind to remind me that there is nothing wrong with me for being bisexual?

I’m feeling self-conscious today, as if there is something horribly wrong with me.

i wouldn’t mind some validation.

60 thoughts on “Will someone…?

  1. Here’s some validation for you….it doesn’t matter which way you swing, left, right or somewhere in between. At the end of the day we are all just people feeling love and attraction for other people. The parts don’t matter, just leave some options for the rest of us 😉😉😘

    Just stay happy, healthy and horny you greedy little bugger!

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  2. Of course there’s nothing wrong with that! NOTHING! It’s not wrong, immoral, illegal. Nothing. It just is what it is. Like I’ve told you for years, sexuality is the innate piece of ourselves, it’s not a choice, and it’s generally unalterable. There’s nothing wrong with it, or you, at all.

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  3. Nothing wrong with you at all. In fact it’s a beautiful thing as you fall in love with the soul rather than a preference to what ‘bits and pieces’ people have 😂😂👍 If you get past the uncomfortable feelings of acceptance there are probably tonnes of advantages to being bi-sexual. Stop beating yourself up, we are all just strange little creatures inhabiting a little rock in space for a while 😁🙏🏻 xxx

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  4. Is it because you are married that you can not accept that you are bisexual? I am bisexual and it did bother me for years because it isn’t widely accepted. But at this phase of my life, it is what it is. I have conquered so many fears that this was the least of them. Honestly, I think we are all naturally bi-curious. You are in no way “wrong”. Once you’ve accepted this part of you, you will blossom into your true self. What is holding you back? The opinions of others?

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  5. There is nothing wrong with you or being bi-sexual. I have no idea whether I am bi-sexual, lesbian, heterosexual or what and don’t think I will be able to answer until and if I find that certain person that is out in the universe waiting for me. Don’t beat yourself up, when I wrote about it one time I was pleasantly surprised by the responses I got from people and many saying that most people are curious if nothing else. Xox

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  6. Nothing wrong with that whatsoever. I don’t want to sound flippant and I do sometimes have to remind myself that not everywhere is as liberated and egalitarian as my native Scandinavian country – to me personally, the idea of sexuality so long as it involves consenting adults is pretty much “so what” and that anyone should be discriminated against or in any way feel that anyone else questions their sexuality is abhorrent to me. I remember disappointing a good friend (this is nearly 20 years ago at university) by only responding with “OK, cool” when to him it was a HUGE deal to come out as gay. For him that moment had required all his strength and extreme bravery, he had built up to it for years and there I was wondering if he wanted milk with his coffee. Of course, his background involved a (British) super conservative father who would openly say gay people needed to be cured, which is an ENORMOUS difference to my own upbringing. I don’t know what your background is or whether you have grown up with an outdated/outrageous view of what’s “normal” but as far as I’m concerned you are perfect EXACTLY the way you are. And bisexuality, wouldn’t that be quite literally the best of both worlds? 🙂 You seem like a kind, lovely, thoughtful, honest and thoroughly decent person and that’s what matters, and if anyone is concerned with who you find attractive they clearly need a hobby. …….besides, the people who shout and condemn the most are sometimes the ones who struggle the most with who they are – funny that, isn’t it? Keep being you – you seem awesome. Sophie x

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    1. Sophie, you are so wonderful and I truly appreciate your insight and beautiful response to my plight. I’m years, and years and years into the realization of my sexuality and certainly came from a very conservative background, but sexuality just was not discussed. Of course, being in the U.S., we are much more reserved about sexual matters than Europe is anyways, huh?
      Again, thank you so much!


  7. Nothing wrong with it at all.. my former partner is bi and one of the things he loved about our relationship was that he could be open and honest and even have a tryst without me judging and without him feeling ashamed. BE YOU, you only get one!

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  8. I’m a bit late to reading this, and I don’t have anything different from what others here have already so eloquently written, but I wanted to show you my support in this. Embrace your sexuality, you can be whatever you choose, with whomever you want. This is YOUR life to enjoy as you see fit and I happen to think that’s beautiful. Much love to you! xo

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  9. Well, I think I am called straight. Is that the term these days? we have homosexual, bi-sexual, trans- sexueal, transgender and the list goes on. But I just call us all humans. We are not defined by what sexual preference we have or we shouldn’t be. we should be defined by what is in our hearts. If we are kind, if we love, if we try to do right. You are a person and if you do right by others then who is to judge you or me or anyone else on what we are? That is not our right to judge someone else. We should all feel loved and be love no matter. I hope that helps and I hope you have a great day!

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  10. I’m with everyone else here supporting you. I don’t give a second thought to what someone’s sexuality is…to each his/her own. You do you, my friend. I realize though that ALL people aren’t as understanding as those here and some may still cast stones. This isn’t as easy as it was back in the days of ancient Greece…where it seems male-male sexuality was commonplace. But, society at large is much more accepting today than at anytime in past hundreds of years. This is a pretty good time and should afford you opportunities to explore if so inclined. ☺️

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  11. Honey, you have ALL the right in the WORLD to be YOU… And trust me I have had a interesting life as a young girl, mother, fag hag for many years, and my son is now gay horray… long story… and now me I am a Sexual Person who does not judge anyone including my husband and whom we invite in our life …. to live happily … how does that sound to you?? Should I worry about people judging me?? or my husband??

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  12. You need to look inside yourself babe and say do I love myself.. it’s okay if you say No even better if you say yes but, you will eventually love yourself only “if” you believe what I am saying to be true 🙂

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  13. We cannot fight who we really are deep inside us … if we love then we love… but, we need to open ourselves up to understand that love is many things within us, and those we invite into our lives to do the same.. And that is what I have learnt within my 2 years and I am grateful of it….so breathe sweetheart you will be loved and safe xxx

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