I failed.

I’ve decided I don’t really want to change, but I don’t know how to break the cycle.

21 thoughts on “I failed.

  1. Be kind to yourself, there is no need to continually beat yourself up. Sending you hugs xxx take the pressure off yourself. Tomorrow is another day 🌍

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      1. I know you don’t. Brosis, I don’t always feel like I’m succeeding either. But we aren’t quitting- so we are already far ahead of the trouble. Keep walking. Lots of folks love and believe in you. Sometimes remembering that helps get us back on track. I love ya.

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      1. I know… we can only try to separate what we are feeling from what is actually true. Often there is a big difference between the two. You have too many things going for you to call yourself a failure.

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  2. I’m sorry this is so hard. Don’t be hard on yourself for being human. I recently listened to an audiobook called The Year of Less and it’s about spending less money but she was also a recovering alcoholic (I hope that’s the correct term). There was some insightful

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  3. I was listening to a podcast from the bubble hour and the guest commented that if you keep trying you haven’t failed. Keep that close to you. It was a turning point for me.


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