Charting My Emotional Wellbeing

EWBSo, I decided to whip out a chart on how I’ve been feeling for the past two weeks.  You can see that I did this as a comparison of me emotional well being measured from -10 up to 10, whereas -10 represents total self-destructive feeling, total negativity, complete collapse of my emotional center. And a +10 represents complete happiness and a centered emotional state.  The major dip occurred when I let go of my desire to stop drinking and went and drank anyways.  I’m glad to see myself on a rise, but I already feel my mood changing and it’ll begin to darken and begin to droop down to the -3 range soon.

8 thoughts on “Charting My Emotional Wellbeing

  1. I wonder what mine would look like. Well, I know what it would look like right now, but I mean if I had been doing something like this for a couple of months or longer…

    Even if you go down, I hope you’re back up soon. ♥

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  2. Hey glad it’s going up 😊 if you ever feel down it’s alright cause it’s part of life okay. Be brave enough to get back and shine! ✨😉✌❤

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