I’m going back into hiding.

I’m irritated today.

I got into a small debate Twitter with some person I don’t know.  I had stated my opinion about something and my statement was quickly turned into something by someone that ends up claiming my opinion somehow doesn’t matter. I despise that. It ended up being a conservative opinion, that conflicts with the LGBT community’s typical stance on a matter. I’m not going into detail, but I got called a liar for claiming to be a member of the LGBT community and having a conservative opinion. Essentially, I was called hateful and told I was lying about my sexuality.

I have always felt this way – someone is always going to dislike me. They political left hates my conservatism and the politically right hates my sexuality. I’m tired of trying to be me. I’m tired of trying to be honest with myself. I’m considering going back into hiding and just being what everyone accepts from me.

I mean…I can’t find any happy medium to express myself…

I feel like an anomaly. People like this person make me feel like a fraud, fake, and insignificant.

Why can’t my opinion matter, in spite of being bisexual. Why can’t my sexuality be valid, in spite of my conservative opinions?

Days like today just make me want to hide from myself…

44 thoughts on “I’m going back into hiding.

  1. Word of advice: stay off Twitter and Facebook. Nothing good comes out of either. Hide from them if you need to. But, don’t hide from us, don’t hide from yourself. So an asshat criticized your stance, from behind the cloak of safety that is anonymity? Fuck them. Stay here. It’s a much safer space. 😊

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  2. You can’t influence the opinions of people like that, they look for any opportunity to start a fight and bully people. They are the ones with the problem not you, you have every right to an opinion and while they can disagree they cannot belittle you for what you say. Just walk away from it and know that you are ok just how you are x

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      1. I once commented on a newspaper article with what I considered to be a reasonable opinion and was slated for being “neurotypical”,
        People are horrible at times, and the faceless internet is like the school playground.

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  3. And I’ll be damned if I’d let some Twitter troll make me go run and hide from that which I have reason to firmly believe in! Sonofabeach says it right – stay off Twitter and Facebook and always keep in mind that most of the people who has a lot of shit to say about sexuality really don’t have a clue as to what they’re talking about – they’re just parroting the same old tired shit that’s been parroted time and time again.

    If you turn tail and go back into hiding, I will be so very disappointed with you…

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  4. I boycott facebook because they sell everyone’s info to make money for shareholders, which to me is glaring bullshit, and I never use twitter or any of the rest of it, for many good reasons. There are too many people, too many opinions, and too many are prone to that view of ‘someone on the internet is wrong’, where they feel like they have to boss them around. *shrug* I don’t take part. I seldom even come onto wordpress much and just pop in on and off. My best advice might be to say what you want on your blog, and moderate the comments–

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  5. You are NOT a fake, fraud or anything near that. You are one of the truly honest human beings I know.

    Never let anyone make you feel you need to hide! You are precious and necessary in this world. Fuck those who try to dim your light.

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  6. Social media is toxic, as can be the LGBT “community” or any “community” or organized grouping of people. For a group that preaches love is love, no one should ever make you feel less than for expressing your opinion. LGBT individuals, actually…no individuals for that matter, fit in a perfect little box. Its tolerance of difference that make someone an individual.

    Don’t let anyone else tell you who you are or what you’re worth. Your constant sharing your story, especially your struggles, makes you priceless. 💜

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  7. FUCK’EM! Keep on being you and stay away from those forums if you get such a horrible response. Some people (especially those who are spewing vitriol from behind an anonymous screen) take pleasure in tearing others down and it’s pointless trying to reason with them or have any kind of adult discussion because that’s not what they’re after anyway. Don’t feed the trolls! Most of all, don’t take it to heart (as hard as it is not to!) and try to remember you are wonderful just the way you are and that there are plenty of people who love you precisely for that reason. Big hugs to you, Sophie

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    1. Thank you Sophie. I appreciate the perspective. Things like this used to never bother me, so it’s irritating that it does now. But I’m glad I have friends like you to keep things in perspective.


  8. It’s all political… Twitter and Facebook!! Give yourself a break…. Realise the importance of self love… Do not go by what some cheap people say! There will some people to support you (example me😁). Love them. Respect them. Love yourself. Respect yourself. Forget about the rest. Sending lots of love💜

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  9. Keep your head up! It seems a pretty common thing to be ridiculed for have a different opinion or experience than the hive mind that seems to be present today in the LGBTQ+ “community”. I’ve been there myself. I’m probably as liberal of a person as you will meet, but I still get attacked for being only attracted to cis gender people. It is what it is. Many people just have nothing better to do than try and tear others down.

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  10. Do not hide your true self, those who are not understanding or toldersnt are why we have issues like this in our country. I am conservative, but I support the LGBT community and have other liberal sounding ideas. I’m like a conservative liberal in a way. If either side opposes me, at least I’m being true to myself. You deserve love and there are many who love and support you without adding strings attached!! Stay true, your opinions matter even if others try and shut you down!

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