Just Maybe

Just a random thought, but maybe my bisexuality is irrelevant and doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of life.

17 thoughts on “Just Maybe

  1. It’s not all of what or who you are. It’s a part of you sexuality is part of all of us but it shouldn’t define who you are.
    Because your so much more… your beautiful, smart, expressive and that just what your writings portray… your a friend possibly a mother , wife maybe you work … there is so much more than just sexuality.
    It’s a part of us but not holistically all of us.

    So what else makes you up, what else is in your life circle that makes you you?

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    1. Honestly? That’s kind of the point I was getting at with this post. I think I fret and focus on this so much, I’ve lost touch with some of those aspects of who I am that I love too.
      I truly appreciate you following and commenting. The perspective you put on this is greatly helpful. ❤️🌸

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  2. To be honest, for me, I don’t think it should define you.
    In the steps you will have the chance to work thru your emotions and I’m sure you’ll see that this is a part of you – not who you a r e.

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  3. It matters, I think. As in, it’s part of who you are and what makes you YOU. And if it causes you issues or pain or what have you, then obviously it’ll become a central part of your thoughts as opposed to if you could just be you and live the life that makes you happy without problems which would obviously be the ideal and how all people should be able to live their lives. I guess I’m just pretty bog standard in that I’m straight and married to someone of the opposite sex and haven’t experienced discrimination or anything else unpleasant because of my sexuality, but rewind a hundred years and I might have been marked with some symbol of shame (the scarlet letter perhaps?!) for having sex before marriage (lots of it and with people I didn’t get married to, haaaaaaa!) and then a divorcee. Holy moly. But it’s 2018 and hopefully what we still see today in terms of prejudice or ridiculous views on sexuality are things of the past that are truly on the way out.

    I agree with junkieiam in that I don’t think it defines you, nor should it, but I can see how it gives you headache if you are in some way feeling restricted from being who you truly are. Does that make sense? I can only imagine it’s tough to feel that you have to conceal or suppress things in order to sustain a status quo or other people’s idea of what you “should” be. I would go crazy! So I guess I’m saying it does matter because it’s part of who you are, but it shouldn’t matter in terms of how you live your life. Be you – I mean, you’re freaking wonderful so it’s not a bad place to start!

    Big hugs! x

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      1. Yes it is and besides it being what it is, there is also the version of your ego and portraying it perhaps in a total different way then what it is. I hope i didn’t confuse you with this. All I’m saying is that the ego is often not our friend and loves misery. Keep it in mind and be good to yourself. You are perfect at this very moment despite of what you want to achieve. Accept yourself and surrender, find a level of peace and your happy medium and then attack your goals one at a time. You already started my dear princess and look how far you have come. Give yourself credit.
        I will always see you as a beautiful princess, with kindness in your eyes and a golden heart. A princess that has fallen more times then none, but a strong soul that has always gotten back up to straighten her crown and fight another day. We have never met and yet I know this with certainty about you. Sometimes I feel sad for what you endure but I’m never worried all too much, because I feel connected to your soul and know your warrior spirit. Be well love.

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  4. It matters in the sense it helps you to find your joy but it’s just one way of connecting to it. Maybe what was bothering you so much about it was how others would interpret what was important to them?

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