It just got worse..

I was laid off again today.

I have nothing left. No words. No way to stay afloat now.

39 thoughts on “It just got worse..

      1. Well give yourself two days for a Pity party then just get real serious about job. If things seem undoable seek help. Go to the ER if you have to. Concern yourself with money later.

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      1. And people do their own things, so you’re free to choose whatever you want to do, always knowing that actions have consequences. I have made bad choices and good choices at different times, and it seems like the good ones work out better in the long run. I said to my partner recently that I am really fortunate that the family alcoholism didn’t make me alcoholic, just addicted to sugar when younger, since I have enough problems in life without the extra problems that would have given to my body and sanity and pocketbook over the years–

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  1. I hate to hear this. Well, at least you’re not like me, underqualified. You’ve got skills that can get you paid. That is a plus, trust me. I wish I could contract myself out to a business, be my own boss. Oh well, I pray you find the right move for you.

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  2. I just about wept for you when I saw this. You do what you have to do to get through this but keep coming back here and leaning on us. Even if it is to type fuck, fuck, fuckity fuck a hundred times it doesn’t matter don’t hold it all in. Sending you a huge hug and mentally telling you that your going to be okay, it won’t feel like it yet but don’t retreat into a private black hole where no one can reach you because there are people out here that really care about you.xox

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  3. Are you near any now that are within easy traveling distance? Can you just go and sit and release, cry if you need to, scream at the top of your lungs, sit there in total peace and surround yourself with a white healing light? Don’t be beating yourself up for feeling like this because you are fully entitled to feel like this.

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    1. Ooops sent by accident. I meant maybe just maybe something else is in store for you. Does staying afloat makes you happy? I think too much is weighing you down and you are caught in a vicious cycle. I would like to see this as the universe given you another chance to make something out of this opportunity. Try to stay away from Hilda. She has never been your friend princess. Love you and all will be well. Sending big hugs your way. Xo

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      1. Hahaha! I suppose I should have read this comment before commenting on the last one…hehehe

        I do hear you and there are some major changes that will happen within a month and I’m doing my best to mitigate, but I’ve accepted the reality. This girl will survive.

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