Small Successes

Today, I replied to a comment on one of my posts concerning goal setting and how it related to my sobriety. In this comment, I indicated that there are small success in life that I have forgotten to celebrate. I’m beginning to realize how detrimental this has been to my mental health, my self-image, and ultimately my sobriety. Even in the post I linked above, I was mentioning the “small” success of making it a month in sobriety (Unfortunately, relapse is a part of my story…), but failing to really celebrate it because I was focused on the areas of my life I felt like I was failing – and trust me, it’s easy for me to venture into those things. But returning to the comment I’m speaking about, it made me realize that celebrating small successes is BIG!

How often do we take for granted the little things we do? Fuck, I woke the fuck up today… That’s a fucking success, if you ask me. It seems so trivial, but I’m alive. I’m going to celebrate that! (You go gurl!). I didn’t make it to work right on time, but my boss has already said he’s not critical on timeliness unless it impacts my work. Flexible boss? FUCKING WIN, BITCHES! (Side note to self: Do NOT misuse this or take advantage!) And guess what else? I’m working on my 41st day of sobriety. I’ll check mark that up to a major success, actually. And you know what else I’ve been doing?  Cutting my daily calorie intake I’ll take as another small success. It’s a little change that I hope gives me a sexy ass again! (Can I say that? Is that being too vain?)

Sometimes, small successes might come in subtle ways too. What if that server at the restaurant smiles, because you were nice to her and offered her a kind word of encouragement upon witnessing the jerks she had to serve before you?  That’s small for you, but great for her, right? Success! What if you manged to make your bed this morning, knowing that you used to roll out of it hungover? Again, success! Then, what if you encountered someone that simply said “Hi” to you? That’s a beautiful success, if you ask me.

Truly, I can think of so many other small successes, and it would only add the the point I’m making, but focusing on those things that seem like failures will only have a detrimental effect if we are not careful. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting that we don’t focus on the bigger picture of our lives, but sometimes it is so easy to get caught up in the negative blackness of our own misguided perceptions that we have to bring our focus back down to a minute scale and see the flower along the side walk we are walking and appreciate that at this moment, at this time, this little flower was there for us to gaze upon and marvel and a little beautiful success – that flower bloomed! Success.

Day 41, and I’m sober.


10 thoughts on “Small Successes

  1. Celebrating the small successes is one of my favorite things! Seriously, I’ve been accused of being easily entertained, but I think that’s a good thing, not a flaw. I’m happy when I see the sunrise, happy when my eggs are cooked just right, happy when I take the first sip of coffee … and that’s all before I’ve gotten dressed.

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  2. It is noticing the little things in life that brings the most joy.
    As I write this one of my cats is at my feet sleeping, the windows are open, the cicadas are singing and your post is distracting me from writing myself. This is a blissful moment. Thank you.

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