Step 2: Agnosticism, Belief & Faith





5 thoughts on “Step 2: Agnosticism, Belief & Faith

  1. I had a lot of faith in the drugs and the alcohol. Oh boy! I really belived in them. That they could help me feel better and I gave them ALL my trust. And where did it get me? Just down the drain….
    So, I am Willing to do ANYTHING to keep me clean and sober. I have the willingness and when I see my recovered sponsor and the ppl in my home group. Do I want what they have? YES. And am I willing to believe in that power? Yes; so I have just come to believe that THAT power can restore me to sanity. and I think I can go a long way with that.

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  2. A lot of people believe in a higher power; what many have issue with is what religion teaches and/or what they might hear from the pulpit when they attend church… and it’s vague, sometimes contradictory, and quite open to interpretation and as usually evidenced by expert scholars in religion… who can’t really agree what religious texts are saying.

    So a lot of people are “content” to believe there is a God and take it on faith that He – or She, for some folks – exists and that’s all well and good. Many people question why their supreme being of choice seems to abandon them in their times of great need and in their darkest hours but we are told and/or taught that as long as we believe, it’ll be okay and, I think, importantly, that God gave us free will to, mostly, figure out why we’re here, what we’re supposed to do with this gift of life, and how to make the best out of this gift and in the time we have it.

    Fact is not everyone figures it out and it’s pretty damned depressing and to the point where many, bluntly, try to find answers at the bottom of a bottle… and to my knowledge, that’s never worked for anyone. It is said that God only helps those who help themselves so if you have faith that this is, indeed, true, then it becomes a question of what are you doing to help yourself so that God can step in and lend a hand?

    If He (or She) does, it’s all good… but if not, well, that’s a “problem” and one that tends to make a person seriously question their faith and belief in a supreme being. I’ve actually sat in church and heard ministers say that God is too busy to answer each and every prayer that finds its way to heaven… so while you should put all your troubles in God’s hands and let Him worry about them, uh, if you’re not trying the best you can to solve your issues in life, that’s not a good thing… but for inspiration, read this chapter or verse in your bible to get an idea of what you should be doing or what you should stop doing in order to turn your life around without God really having to step in and fix things – but He (or She) has your back just the same.

    Some believe this to be true – they have faith that it is… and some folks find they have reason to doubt it. Many want to have faith but also agree that it’s hard to maintain that faith when life is piling stuff on them at every turn. Is faith the real answer? I don’t know and I don’t care to speculate but I have faith… but I also know that when I have a problem, if I don’t work hard at trying to fix it, no one else is gonna do it for me.

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