Same thing every day.

Beg for this boredom to break!

It never changes.

8 thoughts on “Monotony

      1. That is really hard. And sorry if that seemed flippant, but it was honest. Sometimes people left comments like these on my posts and it helped me a lot. Of course, it’s easier to see the answers to other people’s questions than our own, because it’s easier to have objective perspective. One thing I personally need to do more often, which helps bring objective perspective to my own life, is private stream-of-thought journalling. That always helps me find peace, and sometimes some answers. Looking inward is the key for me to knowing what I want, yet I don’t do it often enough. I’m not great a sitting still meditating, but typing my thoughts to myself as they appear is a kind of active meditation that shows up all kinds of things I didn’t fully realize before. But you’re a writer so you must know this. Sending love. xo n

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      2. I appreciate your thoughtfulness and I did not believe you were being flippant. I’m simply in a really blah place in my life now and struggling with inspiration. But I can see how your suggestion could help me. Thank you!

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