Can You Hear It?

Listen closely and you can hear;

The plight of a single mother’s tear.

Can you hear it?

Not loud and barely a hum,

The pain an addict makes numb.

Can you hear it?

The sound of all those young years,

A life orphaned and full of fears.

Can you hear it?

Spoken with pride not forgotten;

Impacts of racists, still the demon.

Can you hear it?

Child of first world problems,

yet love should be welcomed.

Can you hear it?

The screams of terror from a wife beaten,

Unheard, because judgment is the beacon.

Can you hear it?

From a father the family he carries,

a hidden cry of burdens and worries.

Can you hear it?

Unaccepted and tortured by peers,

All due to being among the queers.

Can you hear it?

Tarnished by war, a painful struggle,

A veteran’s life becomes a juggle.

Can you hear it?

Deep down, often quiet, but intense,

But at the moment of no pretense,

Can you hear it?

It is there.

Are you listening?








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