Beautiful Me Journal: Day 1 – Begin

I decided to return to a course of action I once had before: A building of my self-esteem. I wrote about it earlier today and decided to go forth and get started. I truly need this.  Obviously, my thoughts are my own, but it’s important to give credit where it’s due and I have linked the source I’m using in the previous post in this series. And since, I’m starting this anew then it only makes sense that there is a beginning.

Day 1: Begin

The task the author poses to the readers on this day is to begin a journal. Honestly, it’s quite obvious that I do that through my blog, but I feel it’s important to mention that the author of the “Beautiful You” book begins her daily guide and tasks with this actual exercise. It does give me a little hope that I am on the right track by expressing my thoughts and feelings. But the author also asks distinct questions that I’ll attempt to answer:

What are your hopes-personally and for the world-with regard to body image and beauty perception?

Body image and beauty perception seem to be such triggering concepts. I admit, for myself, I really struggle with the concept. I think, the reality is that many of us do not like ourselves, because we spend so much time comparing ourselves to others. I think, for myself, I have this ideal body image – one of extreme health and fitness. I want to be cute, lean, hot, if you will. Granted, I try not to have that expectation of others, but I think a world that is positive would have people focused on less superficial ideals. Healthy living is always a good place to be – but the focus should be on health and not image.  I don’t know if this is idealistic or not, but I certainly want that to be the goal we all strive to accomplish.

How can you begin to live your hopes today?

Wow! I’m not sure. I think looking at myself, I can try and loosen the unrealistic expectation that I can have a young 20 year old body and realize that as much as I want something, that expecting something to be instant is not realistic in the least. I think looking for a place to be self-accepting is the most positive way I can look at this. For others? I think being edifying and encouraging to others is the best way I can help build a perception of beauty and body positiveness in others. To me, there is just something about being good and kind to others that can build positive “vibes” in my own life.

Of course, the reality of my situation can really be quite different. But that’s sort of the point of this entire endeavor: I want to change that, drastically!


4 thoughts on “Beautiful Me Journal: Day 1 – Begin

  1. And you can! I love how you keep dusting yourself up and resume the fight. You are braver then you realize my friend. You are perfect just the way you are!!! Sending you love and internal sunshine. ❤

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