BMJ Day 2: Pledging Allegiance to Myself.

Yesterday, I made a decision to begin working on my self-esteem and self-image again.  I am doing this by following a book I discussed in my first post on this series. The author’s title to the book is “Beautiful You“, so I am calling my discussion on this series as “Beautiful Me” and if you’re so inclined to bookmark it, it’ll be here. And after the mild melt down I posted earlier today, with a definitive attack from Hilda (oh, by the way it was this book that gave me the idea behind Hilda), I know I need to maintain this endeavor. So, without belaboring it, here is the guide to Day 2.

Day 2: Pledge Allegiance to Yourself

When reading this section of the book, it is quite obvious that the author wants the reader to protect herself (side note: I may be using feminine pronouns and wording due to the fact the author wrote this book for the benefit of women) from the negativity that can be present in the reader’s mind. She wants us to have a positive image of our bodies and wants us to rethink our perceptions of our own beauty.  As difficult as this is for me to do, I’m going to make this pledge and I’m going to use excerpts of the author’s words to do it – and placing myself within its context. She titles it “The Body Warrior Pledge”.

Because I understand that my love and respect for my body are metaphors of my love and respect for my self and soul, I pledge:

  • To stop berating my body and to begin celebrating the vessel that I have been given.
  • To understand my body is an opportunity and not a scapegoat
  • To be the primary source of my confidence
  • To let envy dissipate and allow admiration to be a source of  compassion by offering compliments to others.
  • To gently but firmly stand up for myself when someone says something harmful.
  • To change the inner monologue in my head to one that sees possibility not problems, potential not shortcomings, blessings not imperfections.
  • To give my body the things that it needs to do its work well: plenty of water, ample movement, stretches, rest and good nutrition. and to limit or eliminate the things that do not nurture my body.
  • To see exercise as a way to improve my internal health and strength instead of a way to fight or control my body.
  • To understand that my weight is not good or bad.
  • To love my body and myself today.
  • To recognize my body’s strengths.
  • To no longer put off the things I wish to experience because I am waiting to do them in a different body.
  • To understand that a body, just like a personality, is like a fingerprint: a wonderful embodiment of uniqueness.

I am going to pledge to do these things. I won’t be doing them perfectly, but I will look to progress over time.  Some of these I think I have already been working on and a lot of them seem overwhelming right now, but I will keep going and trying. I will not give up.




14 thoughts on “BMJ Day 2: Pledging Allegiance to Myself.

  1. I love your new pledge and you deserve the best. I know not all days are created equally and there will successes and struggles along the way, but the fact of where your mind frame is right now, willing to do this puts you miles ahead the game. Beat wishes and much love princess. Always in my heart and I am always rooting for you. You got this and you are beautiful. ❤️

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      1. The right decision will present itself. Wait it out and like you said sometimes nothing is required. Had something like that happen myself and didn’t get around to addressing it right away, and now I think I’m pretty much over it. Still sucks, but my view has changed and I am not sure anymore if I want to put in the energy and effort required to address it. Especially since I am content now and don’t need this energy from that person in my life any longer. The answer will come to you just like it did to me, but you know where I’m at. Big hug princess, you got this.

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