BMJ: Day 5 – Consider Your Vision

Today, in my Beautiful Me Journal, the author of the book I’m using suggests the reader to consider her vision. She urges that an understanding of what we all want puts us in a position to actually work towards that possibility. I have to admit that I understand the words she is using and the intent, but I am going to struggle with this particular exercise. If I understood what I wanted out of life, I believe I would be miles ahead of where I am at. I believe a lot of my worries and problems would have answers.  But, I’ll give it an attempt.  Here are the questions the author has asked and my answers:

What is your vision for yourself?

As I mentioned above, this is really difficult for me to answer. So, I’m going to give a generalized answer and hope the specifics develop over time.  The reality is this: I want to feel good about myself. I want to be the person people know as happy and content. I want to be referred to as optimistic and positive again. I want to feel and be healthy.

What do you wish or want for yourself?

Um…I think I kind of answered this in the last question. But, I’ll add to it. I want to be healthy and have a healthy lifestyle again. I want to feel secure in a loving relationship. I want to feel secure financially.

How is that different from who you are or where you are today?

See this post linked here, to see how I feel about myself today. Literally, I want completely opposite views and feelings about myself.

What do you think would make you feel more confident?

I have high hopes that this process of following the Beautiful You recommendations will assist in that. I’ve also made an appointment to see a therapist. But, ultimately, I feel like there are things on the exterior of my being that I rely on too much and I have lost touch with what’s on my interior – those skills and characteristics I would like to tap into and use.

2 thoughts on “BMJ: Day 5 – Consider Your Vision

  1. What makes me confident is knowing and accepting who and what I am. I know what I can and can’t do and I understand that many things are possible and some things just aren’t. I even know what I don’t know and I’m okay with that since, for me, everything is a learning experience so if I don’t know it, I will strive to know it… even if I don’t really need to.

    I’m confident because I can’t be anything else; it doesn’t make sense not to be confident but, sure, I’m human. That means that I could feel less confident about something, like, I’m not confident about being able to run or even walk like I used to be able to do… but I’m confident that I’m not going to stop trying, because, well, I have to be: The alternatives are very unattractive and I’m not feeling them… and I’m confident that I can and will do my level best to avoid those alternatives.

    Because I really can’t be anything else but confident.

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