BMJ: Day 6 & 7 Combined

I’m actually forcing myself to write in this journal today.  My attitude isn’t positive today and it’s somewhat appropriate that Days 6 & Days 7 are in line to be read and follow the guideline suggested in the book I have linked in this post here.

Day 6 is focused on refraining from using language that refers to anyone’s weight – especially your own – as fat.  The author literally titles this section “Ditch the Fat Chat”. The author suggests that a girlfriend brings up some aspect of her body she doesn’t like as being too think or something similar and then inevitably we want to discuss our stomachs in an unenlightened way – i.e. “I’m fat”.  I do this a lot. Today has been one of those days where I have been super focused on how ugly and out of shape I am.  It’s horrible and it makes me feel horrible.

So, the author suggests that we should do everything we can to avoid these conversations that do nothing but tear one another down. So, she says in order to do this, “When a woman criticizes herself in front of you, don’t join in.” Then she follows up expressing that it’s important to re-frame the conversation in a positive light.

Of course, as I consider the fact that I am having another visit from Hilda, Day 7 in this guide is where I got the idea of Hilda when I attempted to follow this book before. As, I’ve explained before, Hilda is my inner-negative voice. I’ve named her, as the author suggests, for the simple fact it personifies this voice and makes it someone I can deal with in almost a direct manner. The author literally says, “And when she pipes up today, put her in her place”. As in day 6, above, the author suggests a re-framing of Hilda’s messages – I haven’t done this very successfully, because it feels like it takes everything in me to ignore the things she says. But the author explains this action as if it’s almost 180 degrees in opposition to what Hilda would say.  Truthfully, I need to try and put more positive messages to combat Hilda.

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