S.A.R.D. #19 – Sharing Kat the First Time.

WARNINGI’m going to be discussing something of an adult nature. I am whipping this out as it comes to mind and I have thoughts that are raw and uncensored – I may or may not use vulgarity. Oh, and it may have tons of grammatical and spelling errors too (Oh, the horror!?!?!). This post is intended for mature audiences (i.e. ages 21+). Also, names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent.


It has been quite some time since I wrote in my Sexual and Relationship Development (or S.A.R.D.) series, but something occurred yesterday that prompted some memories about my relationship with Katherine. What I am about to discuss is not something I am advocating nor condemning, but they are merely pieces of my sexual history. And although, I have several posts about Kat (Katherine), this topic isn’t intended to be within a chronological context of the relationship.

The thing that prompted this topic is something my wife (whom I’ll dedicate an entire subsection of S.A.R.D.) told me about yesterday. My wife has decided to seek therapy for herself, since she is struggling with relationships – i.e. siblings, me, life, etc.; with that in mind she told me her therapist had brought up a topic with her that she felt really uncomfortable discussing. Of course, after 20 years of marriage, you would think she could feel comfortable discussing anything with me, but she prefaced everything with “I don’t want to upset you, but…”

(But is such a funny word…)

Her therapist had asked my wife about the possibility of being poly-amorous. She had suggested to Michelle (my wife’s name is changed, for privacy reasons) that the possibility of having ‘fun’ (for lack of a better word) outside of our marriage might be a viable option for her. There are plenty of things going on with me, with her, with our marriage that this became a conversation topic for my wife in therapy. My wife had expressed that it’s not something she was comfortable doing, is the summary result of the conversation (there will be more on this with respect to my wife on a much later date), but it made me remember the relationship I had with Kat, in which non-traditional sexual interactions had occurred.

I can’t remember, exactly, if the threesomes Kat and I had were before she first cheated or after, but I’m fairly sure it was after. In fact, if my memory serves right, the first threesome we had was approximately 6 months after she first cheated on me.  By this time, the sexual life we were having had gone far beyond a simple serendipitous lovey-dovey relationship. But I can remember some of the situation leading up to it. But, I remember the first time occurred on a 4th of July and it occurred with a childhood friend of mine, let’s call him Roger (that’s not his name and I don’t believe I have discussed him in this blog at all).

It was not uncommon for the three of us to hang out together. Roger was a bit of a loner (later on in life, I found out he became addicted to meth and I have not seen him in many, many, many years), probably not the most attractive guy by women’s standards, but not hideous either. Growing up together, of course he and I had always tried picking up women, flirting with women and we used to joke about “tag-teaming” a woman, if we ever had the chance. But, we never considered it seriously until this night.

We decided to go to a fireworks show together and Kat brought a long a blanket, so we could sit on a hillside and watch the show. Oddly enough, a cool breeze came up as we sat and waited for the show as the twilight was beginning to drift to night. Feeling a little cold, Kat asked Roger and I to both scoot in close to her so she could stay warm. Even after she had cheated on me, I wasn’t much of a jealous person and I’m such a literal person, that I would have assumed she meant exactly what she was saying.  So, Roger and I had sat on either side of Kat and moved in close, so we could keep her warm.

With the blanket over us, it was beginning to feel warm.  I could see Roger out of the corner of my eye, looking at Kat a little hungrily. One of us, though I can;t really remember who asked Kat, jokingly, “So, have you ever been with two guys before?”  Kat giggled, in her ever so flirtatious way and said, “Not until now.”  At this point, I know it was me that said, “If you want to, we could have fun together…all three of us.”  I was already horny and for some reason, I could feel sexual tension building between the three of us.  Kat then, responded, by grabbing my swelling cock through my shorts and I think she grabbed Roger on the other side, because Roger looked at me with a grin on his face. And then, I began kissing Kat and Roger began to run her chest underneath the blanket.

We laid back on the hill with the blanket over us, and Kat changed from kissing me to kissing Roger and I could tell she was rubbing his dick underneath the blanket. I rubbed myself up against her backside, already knowing how much she loved anal sex (another story for another time). Suddenly, we became shamelessly aware that people were already noticing us making out.  Kat stopped suddenly and said we should go back to her place. So, we got up and grabbed our blanket in a hurry and began walking back to Kat’s car. I offered to drive, if she wanted to continue having fun with Roger.

She agreed to let me drive, but sat in front and Roger sat in back. When we got to her place, we went to the basement to her bedroom and it was all we could do to keep our clothes on. Kat was the first one on the bed and Roger was near by her, rubbing her pussy. Kat was getting excited and motioned for me to come close enough so she could give me a blowjob.  By this time, Kat was on all fours with Roger behind her, inserting himself into her pussy from behind. She began giving me a blowjob and she want breathing extremely hard as Roger grabbed her big beautiful breasts from underneath.
I’m not sure how many orgasms she had that night, but the first one hit her almost immediately in this position as she buried her face into the bed in front of me and grabbed my cock really hard. Roger was pounding into her.

He wanted to change positions after this, and he laid on his back. It was the first time I noticed his cock and I was kind of surprised to see it was no bigger than mine (guys always brag about their cock size and being around him growing up, he always bragged that he was hung…he wasn’t). Kat then climbed on top of Roger and allowed him to enter her as she faced him.  Then she told me, “Put it in back” and I followed directions and got into a position where I was straddling Roger’s legs and squatting down to give me access to Kat’s butthole. Since she was already lubricated from her own juices, I was able to slide in rather easy. It wasn’t long, before it felt to uncomfortable and I pulled myself out.

Kat had a chair near her bed that I sat in and I played with myself as she rode Roger. She asked me if I wanted some more, but I was already having my own orgasm at this point. I was spent and I didn’t get the chance to get back in on the fun, but my hard-on never really dissipated as I sat and watched Kat getting fucked by Roger. I’m not quite sure how long it lasted with the two of them, but I sat there and watched – shocked, mesmerized, I don’t know. I was somewhat overwhelmed with the sexuality of this situation.

Eventually, they both had screwed themselves to exhaustion and they laid next to each other. With Kat waving me mover to lay on the other side of her, I went and joined them in bed.  Kat whispered in my ear, “That was fun.” And then we slept until morning. We had taken Roger home and Kat and I went and had breakfast as if nothing happened.

She and I had never engaged in another threesome with Roger. She had told me she didn’t really like him, but I knew that wasn’t the whole truth since they had fucked like crazy the night before. Kat and I had one other threesome with a co-worker of mine, several months later and we had gotten together with another couple once (although, we didn’t swap partners or anything, the sexual tension of that situation was fun).

But, as I remembered what occurred between Kat and I, and combine it with the current revelation of my wife’s therapy session, I’m unsure what to think of it. I feel like all of my sexual fun, lately, was from a former life and I feel like my interests and desires have changed a 1000 different ways.

5 thoughts on “S.A.R.D. #19 – Sharing Kat the First Time.

  1. You know, some people would think it highly irregular to think that something like having an affair would be just the thing to save a marriage instead of wrecking it… and, oddly enough, it can actually work although the mechanism isn’t easy for a lot of people to understand. The whole notion is uncomfortable because it greatly conflicts against that which we’ve always believed and held to be true: You just do not, for any reason, have sex with anyone other than your partner. You sure as fuck never think about it even if you know – and if no one else does – that if you were to “get some on the side” just this one time, it can put a lot of things into perspective and a relationship can actually have new life breathed into it.

    Very weird how that works.

    Threesomes with Kat… made perfectly good sense to me but I recognize my own bias in favor of such things. She didn’t like Roger… but you really don’t have to like someone to enjoy having sex with them – liking them just makes it better in that sense but when you like the human interaction of having sex, yeah, liking the person really isn’t the alpha and omega of it all; I’ve had lot of sex with people I didn’t “like” in that sense… but having sex with them was magnificent just the same.

    See, if that was my wife and I knew about the conversation with her therapist, I’d really want to talk to her about it and find out why the notion made her uncomfortable while making it absolutely clear that I’m not gonna go off the deep end on her about it. And I’d guess what makes her uncomfortable is the fact that she’s a married woman – and married women just do not do things like that, right?

    But even I’ve seen married women have a “fling” or be more of a poly frame of mind… and it’s changed their lives for the better; hell, my first wife became a better wife and person once she asked for and got permission to explore the possibilities outside of our marriage; to me, there’s nothing worse than needing to do something that just might make you be a better person to yourself… and knowing that you’d be branded as an unfaithful motherfucker if you did… so you don’t… and keep being more miserable than you’d want to be and, in turn, making everyone around you just as miserable.

    Oh. Why did I give my first wife permission? Because I swore before God to do everything humanly possible to make and keep her happy and in love with me, you know, short of going out and murdering someone or something totally ridiculous like that.

    I’ll admit to being very damned curious to see what you have to say about that. You say you’re not sure what to think about it… but what are your thoughts so far?

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