BMJ: Day 19 – Nourish My Body

You can probably guess, by now, as I read this book I skip some days of entries into my Beautiful Me Journal.  I find that some of the suggestions don’t always fit me or that some of them are impractical. Today’s entry, almost seems too obvious to even mention; but since it is something I know I need to address, I’m adding it today.

I am making a commitment to change, and one of those things is to get rid of saying disparaging things about my body – or anyone’s.  I like the approach the author takes in this book and I wouldn’t mind feeling a little more in-tune with some body positive emotions. And, in doing that, it only makes sense to give the body the things it needs for survival and well being. The author – Rosie Molinary – mentions some things that are important to remember about nourishing our bodies. She mentions eating healthy and getting rid of processed foods and other things.

Adding to that, however, she asks us to take note of the way we feel when we’re making healthy choices for our bodies. I get it – it’s a positive reinforcement to feel good. But, obviously, I need to take it a slight step further, since I struggle with drinking (I still struggle with the concept of whether or not I am an alcoholic or just drink too much). So, I am making a commitment to making some healthy changes.

But she asks us all to do something else, that I think is incredibly important – especially for someone like me. She asks us to give ourselves a break, if we don’t stick to it religiously. She encourages us to “be kind” to ourselves by “eating well with the meal.”.

I’ve decided to take her advice and keep moving towards a direction that helps me feel more beautiful about myself.


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