Drunk-A- Log.

I’m having thoughts today about denying who/what I am. This post is a good reminder that I need to not drink – ever again.

Acquiescent Soul

Earlier, I had a bit of an emotional outburst.  I appreciate any of you that decided to stick around after I erupted into a whiny wuss wad. The truth of the matter is that yesterday morning, began with a bit of an emotional low, followed by some positivity, ending the evening with reminiscent thoughts and regrets. And then, I woke and experienced the emotional vomit I discussed earlier. I had every intention of writing about the topic in this post now, but I had to change my thinking a little.

But, I’m an alcoholic, and as they say in most AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) meetings, alcoholism is a malady that exists in the mind. I’m going through the first step and preparing to take the second step and I am working with a sponsor in “working the program”, as they say.  And yesterday afternoon, I had a discussion with my sponsor…

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