Lack of Self-Comfort or some bullsh^t…

Today, my mind is in a kazillion different places. I’m not sure how to calm it, but I know over the past 48 hours, I went from ultra-positive and optimistic to backtracking on all of the promises and commitments I made to myself…

I’m not in a good place at the moment.

I hate this constant emotional roller-coaster.

13 thoughts on “Lack of Self-Comfort or some bullsh^t…

      1. I used to be a nurse and began having panic attacks. I can recall that I was “no medications for me.” My doctor advised me that I just needed them to get ahead of the panic attacks and I could begin handling the lower level anxiety on my own/ with a therapist.
        If I had not used the medicatin at that time, I would still be in panic mode and probably Agoraphobic by now. The meds during that time for me were a total life saving thing.
        I had zero side effects. And many of the people I see are alos on them without side effects.

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      2. Well it’s up to you. No one can make you take anything you don’t want to. But then it makes one wonder if you really and truly want to get better. Sometimes we need the extra little bit of help.

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      3. I have seen a lot of people have to use a medication for a short time till they make it through that big hump, and sooner or later they can safely with their doctors help, get off the meds once the person has given the therapist has had an opportunity to really do the hard work of therapy. Whatever you decide, just give it all you’ve got and you will get better. Hugs!

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  1. Reach out and ask for help, your doctor, your therapist what ever, who ever it takes. I feel like you are so ready and it’s time to fight with everything you’ve got. I can’t do it for you but sending you a hug and positive energy. We don’t have all good days but you want to get them to out numbering the bad days for a start. Don’t retreat XOX

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  2. Take a deep breath my friend. Today is tough but it will pass. And congratulations for passing on the meds. There is nothing wrong with you. You are just overwhelmed and your soul needs a break. You don’t need a bandaid to mask symptoms and risk pages worth of side effects. You got this.

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