BMJ: Day 21 – Consider How I Have Been Championed

This is a really tough post to write in my Beautiful Me Journal. It’s tough, not because I am unsure of how I have been championed, but rather, it’s tough because thinking about it is extremely humbling. I have been championed in a number of ways and by many. many people – online and in real life. It makes me realize that I might actually owe it to so many people to offer a better version of myself. I have been in really dark places and I have experienced some extremely low emotions and there have been a lot of people that have offered encouragement and help in many ways. So, for that, I am truly grateful and truly humbled thinking about it all. And truthfully, there are so many, it would be difficult to name each person here and I would feel bad, if I inadvertently left someone off the list.

In the book I’m following, the author has offered two questions to be answered in our BYJ (what I call my BMJ). Here are the two questions as well as a summary of my thoughts on each:

Are there moments in your life when you have felt championed?

Short answer: Fuck yeah!  Oh my gawsh…I wouldn’t even know where to begin, but I’ll offer a few examples. As a kid when I struggled with confidence and I was given the advice to look in a mirror and tell myself I loved me. I had also struggled with school until later in my youth, but there was always encouragement to do better and keep trying. I’ve also mentioned in previous posts that I do TaeKwon-Do and I can’t begin to tell you all of the people throughout the years that have offered encouragement and support. It’s been phenomenal! Coming to terms with my sexuality has been a good portion of the causes in which people have championed me, but the people that have allowed me to open up and discuss it has been paramount – let alone the people that openly accept me for it. Dealing with depression and anxiety is a tough matter, but no one has ever refused to help or listen and the compassion I have felt from others has been awesome! Losing my career a few years ago was not fun, but I have had people assist, help, encourage, refuse to allow me to give up. And, obviously, my struggle with alcohol has been championed by so many when I discuss it.

There is no way to capture every situation nor every person that has helped me along the way and I, sincerely, get tears in my eyes as I think about the people that have helped me out.

What were those experiences like and what did you learn from them?

I think I’ve expressed what they were like up above: Humbling and encouraging. But what I have learned is the fact that I am too harshly critical of myself and I have learned that I can’t control anything external to my being. I can only make the decisions that are positive and serves my well being. I believe that I have learned that I am only human and that I can and will make mistakes along the way.


One thought on “BMJ: Day 21 – Consider How I Have Been Championed

  1. There’s not too many things that makes a person feel better than knowing someone has their back and is on their side, supporting them, encouraging them and there to pick you up when you fall down… or life dumps you on your ass and because it can.

    We go through our lives knowing that there are things we’re supposed to do but we often find that we have to be motivated to do them and part of that motivation can include having someone – or a lot of someones – giving you encouragement and even explaining how having a purpose – a mission – is so very important and it’s so helpful when others take up your cause and champion you so that you can be and do the best you can.

    Like how I try to be your champion where your sexuality is concerned and it makes me happy not to see you struggling with it as you did when I first came across your blog so you get some very major props in this.


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