9 thoughts on “To Be or Not To Be…

  1. I think you might feel this way because of the difference between your online life and the so called “ real life”. I can see how it could cause you to struggle seeing who you are. Well it actually is that question isn’t it? Who are you? How do you answer this? Only you can and I think it still is something that might needs to be answered. Once you know you will have to find the courage to stand by that person regardless of whether it fits social expectations. It’s the only way you will ever become free. ❤️❤️❤️

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  2. Please don’t beat yourself up over this, you aren’t alone by any stretch of the imagination. I think & it’s my personal opinion, that if you are younger its a bit easier to be more open. I’m in the same situation, in that I DONT post or state that I’m a bisexual woman. It’s a personal choice. I’m a wee bit over 50 & just came to terms with it & at this stage its the beginning of my second half of life. We can only post what we are comfortable posting. We can’t reveal our entire personal lives to the world. You aren’t ” wrong” in not doing that. I don’t see you as not being authentic. You yourself, know yourself & who you are. Be proud that you have the courage to acknowledge it ! In the end those that resonate with you will always love & accept you for who you are. Learn to LOVE & accept yourself AS YOU ARE. That’s key& really all that matters….not what others think. Have a wonderful week -:)))

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      1. I feel it’s very common to have an online vs offline life, try to not allow the worry = non productive energy to consume you. Wishing you a wonderful week & I hope you don’t delete your online self -:)

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