BMJ: Day 26 – End the Rivalry.

I find this topic to be truly intriguing. Although, I feel half female in my mind, I’m not sure I am utterly qualified to discuss this topic since I am in possession of a penis. (Side Note: It’s been confirmed on Twitter that I’m a girl, since some meanie on there thinks I argue and reason like a woman.  Truthfully, I can feel my own insecurity on the matter, but I’ve decided to embrace it…so there!) But, I’m going to tackle it anyways, because I really want to begin considering that my thoughts, feelings, emotions and opinions matter (If for no other reason then they are mine).

In this section of my Beautiful Me Journal, the author of the book I’m following is suggesting us women (I’ve explained this before – the audience is assumed to be women) need to end the rivalry we have with one another. The author offers the idea that many of the rivalries that exist are primarily due to deep insecurities we have not handled or faced.  As she points out, any reality show nowadays is an example of that (Yes, okay, I am a fan of Bravo’s Real Housewives…sue me!) reality. She argues that there seems to be a constant competition, rather than just accepting ourselves as we are.

And then she goes on to ask each of the readers to “See the women around you as potential allies…”. Her literal advice is to just stop seeing everyone as a competition – accept there is no “just one way to be in the world”.

And I have to admit, I really like this idea…

3 thoughts on “BMJ: Day 26 – End the Rivalry.

  1. Women can be just as competitive as men can be and just like men don’t always see other men as allies, neither do women and humans have always had that “If you’re not with me, you’re against me” mentality that speaks of a dissonant tribal behavior we’ve not grown out of. We often see that we get along “better” with our enemies than we do with our friends because we know what our enemies are all about and what to expect from them… but our friends, eh, not so much at times.

    “If we band together, we can do this!” was a running joke around my household a while ago – it was a line from a movie whose title I can’t remember – but there’s merit in this if we could, indeed, ally with each other and across genders to end this competitive, tribal behavior we can’t seem to get away from.

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