BMJ: Day 33 – Complete These Sentences

I’ve skipped a couple of days – 31 and 32. One I might revisit, the other feels like a distraction to some things I have going on right now.  So, I am going to make an entry for day 33. It concerns reflection and if I would have gone along with the guide that I’m reading, I would be just over a month into this. But, I do think it’d be interesting to do some reflection, since I am quite a few days since my first entry in my Beautiful Me Journal. So, in this section, the author encourages us to complete five sentences she initiates as a means to do that reflection, so here it is:

Someone who energizes me is…

…positive, compassionate, intellectual, humorous, empowering, and encouraging.

I am taking great interest in…

…cleaning up the messes of my life, my sexual orientation, and fulfilling three commitments I made to myself.

I am yearning for…

…self acceptance, a fulfilling career/vocation, freedom from my depression/anxiety/negativity.

I am proud of…

…my accomplishments in life (OH MY GOD guys, this is huge!!!!!  I haven’t been able to say that for so long because of losing my former career. I don’t feel like a loser all of a sudden), being able to call myself ‘bisexual’ and not hate myself, and other things that I’m beginning to feel again.

I believe in…

…God, myself, and change.

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