Feeling Girly.

I’m re-blogging this, solely because someone called me “sister”.

Acquiescent Soul

For anyone that has been connected to me on this blog or my previous blog, know I have moments of feeling completely girly. In fact, on one of my previous blogs, I introduced everyone to Stephanie – almost in full force. I have indicated who Stephanie is on several posts, but sometimes I feel like I hide her too. Truthfully, I love Stephanie and I love her much more than Hilda. Lately, I have been feeling a strong need to express my more feminine side again.

I value the inherent nature of femininity that Stephanie provides me when I identify as her. I find her to be a subtle calming voice inside my head. I have often found comfort in the things people have said to me that indicate they notice a feminine nature to my persona. I recently got my routine pedicure and I almost asked…

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