BMJ: Day 34 – Use Twenty-Five Words

Today’s guideline to build a better beauty perception, the author of Beautiful You suggests writing something about yourself in 25 words in just a minute or less without describing anything physical.  The hope is to find something about yourself that is inspiring.

She says “Don’t Overthink it.” Except, I do. And like most things I see the imperfections in it because she uses examples that start as “I am a woman…”. Although, I have seen myself as a woman in some respects, it is quite obvious I am not a woman. My penis is probably the first clue…but I digress. Anyways, I’m gonna have a little fun with this and start my 25 words the same way:

I am a woman that offers her compassion towards others who need it, but works hard to overcome challenges and be responsible to herself.

So, there you have it.

6 thoughts on “BMJ: Day 34 – Use Twenty-Five Words

  1. Well, duh – of course you’re gonna see “imperfections” since you’re not a woman, that and not following directions; if the author’s telling you not to overthink it, then don’t over think it but again, I can see why you would since you’re into something that’s meant for women and trying to adapt it to your… unique situation.

    Being a woman isn’t just about the physical; it’s emotional and it’s no secret that a lot of women take an emotional beating about being female from body image issues to a slew of other things that have plagued women since like forever. Overcoming any of this isn’t easy and I can only imagine that if you’re a man, well, there are some things about being a woman and female that you just don’t know or understand so, yeah, the guy that you are is almost always going to find “flaws” in what Beautiful You is telling women about how to be better women.

    I learned, quite some time ago, the process that trans women go through to become women and the psychological requirements are daunting – and that’s an understatement from what I understand. For them, it’s not just physically becoming a woman which is daunting all by itself – they have to transform their minds as well and, also from what I understand, not every man who wants to become a woman is a good candidate.

    So I looked at your 25 words and, yes, one could exchange “I am a woman” for “I am a man” but it’s not just about writing the words: You have to believe them, live them, do everything in your power to own them and make them work toward the goal of being a better you. You can’t overthink it; you can’t second-guess yourself; you can’t keep letting the “bad habits” you’re trying to get rid of keep coming back and making your efforts acts of futility.

    You just can’t. It defeats the whole purpose and methinks it’s even harder because you’re a guy who’s trying to think like a woman in some respects and, um, that’s something most guys can’t get their heads around because while we have our own issues, there are many we do not – and cannot – share with women, that and it just might conflict with our perceptions of being male. My wife, for example, rants and raves and does shit because she thinks she’s fat… yet, medically, she isn’t. She knows this, of course, but I sit and watch her go through her “I’m fat!” stuff trying to “get not fat” and I get it… and I don’t… because as a guy who isn’t “fat” her thoughts and actions don’t make sense to me.

    But they would make sense to other women because body image is a stick many women get beat over the head with and to the point where even if they medically don’t have issues here, it’s in their head that they do and the sources are legion. I’m never gonna say that Beautiful You isn’t helpful or that a guy couldn’t find it helpful in some aspects, just like I’d never say that what this book presents doesn’t, in a way, make Stephanie a happy camper… but you’re still a guy in form and function; you have the unenviable task of trying to adapt something specifically for women to your own unique perceptions and needs.

    And it’s not going to be easy and the guy that you are will, on the inside of your head, keep being a guy and seeing things that, on the one hand, makes sense – because you’re intelligent – and, on the other, get you overthinking it because the reality says that you can’t really relate to some stuff… because guys don’t normally have to deal with it.

    Don’t give up… but you gotta work harder so that you can stop being your own worst enemy. I give you huge props for taking the steps that you have; at least you’re working on being a better you – you just gotta work harder and be more dedicated and focused to living the words of Beautiful You and not just reading or intelligently assimilating them.

    Because if you’re unwilling and/or unable to work hard to overcome challenges and be more responsible to yourself, well, what the hell are you doing and why? To this specific end, all of us are tasked with overcoming challenges and being responsible to ourselves so this just isn’t a woman thing… but you still gotta do it.

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  2. Ha! Love this. I read the top, then skipped ahead to the italicized statement, which I liked because I know you through your blog a little; then read the rest and truly lol’d. So lovely, and also, fun. 😄💃🏼👯‍♀️🕺

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      1. You know what, that’s inspiring. Maybe I need to get more in touch with my masculine side — at least, in the assertive department. Maybe for me, that would be liberating.

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