BMJ: Day 62 – Treat Yourself

Today’s entry into my Beautiful Me Journal is solely focused on self-care, specifically doing something in which I am treating myself to something I enjoy. The intent is to lessen the harsh grip many of us put on ourselves when dealing with body-image issues. Kinda like the counter method of denying oneself simple tasty pleasures when dealing with weight issues. So, the author really encourages living in the moment and take in a simple pleasure – truly something I have not done much of in recent time.

So, I’m going to list some of the things I like doing for myself that I haven’t done in a while:

-Getting a Pedicure

-Enjoying a latte in a book store

-Going for a hike

-Getting a shave in a barber’s shop (okay, so I still do “manly” things in spite of the “girly” things I enjoy)

-Taking a hot bath with bubbles (and sometimes I like to shave my legs, although I haven’t done it in a long time)

-Getting a massage


There are other things I’ve denied myself and sometimes I wonder why I stopped doing things I like. I have an answer, but I am not comfortable sharing it because I get into a thought process that involves self-deprecation and that is the exact opposite of what I want to do.

But I’m curious: What do all of you do to grasp little moments of happiness?

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