BMJ: Day 79 – Consider Your Needs

As you can see from my last post, I jumped forward a few days on my Beautiful Me Journal.  Sometimes the daily tasks or activities don’t require me to actually write in my journal and some of the things are not anything I really struggle doing with respect to gaining a better self-perspective on my beauty. Sometimes those are things I’m already doing and sometimes those are simply things that I do for myself without discussing them (Honestly, this is kind of a big break for me, because I’m so anal retentive, it’s disgustingly obsessive. I’ll discuss this problem of all or nothing attitude I have sometime). But today’s certainly rang as something I needed to mention.

The author asks answering the following question in the journal, so here it is:

What do I need right now more than anything else?

The first simple thought that came to my head: Figure out how to stop drinking.

The author goes on to suggest asking yourself this question every day for a week and if you notice by day three that it’s still the same response, then the question changes to a statement telling us to figure out how to give it to ourselves right now.

I’ve literally asked to have my shift at my other job covered tonight so I can go to an AA meeting.

I’ll have to update later.

3 thoughts on “BMJ: Day 79 – Consider Your Needs

  1. WHATEVER IT TAKES….as in, literally, WHATEVER. Accepting and doing that is how I finally started taking Antabuse….it was the ONLY thing, my “whatever” to work for me after years and years of trying everything else (as long as I keep taking it!). Hang in there! (((((Hugs)))))💜

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