Anxiety high!

Everything is crush’d.

Body tense, no breath!

4 thoughts on “Panic

  1. Given your situation, it’s no wonder. When I was in your situation, I pushed my doctor for meds…and he sent me to a Psychiatrist, one of the rare ones who still did therapy. Having him to talk to helped a lot, and my wife wasn’t jealous. And he put me on meds, which helped SO MUCH. And here’s how he explained the med’s…”Not a long term solution. Rather, a way to lessen your anxiety to give you some breathing room, so that you have the breathing room and freedom/ability to make the changes in your life that you need to do.” And you know, it worked. Well that part anyway. I kept drinking, but for a long time it was functional — it actually helped me along the way to cope, for quite a while, until it caught up to me, and then I worked on that. Prioritize your shit list. One step at a time (no pun intended) my friend. First things first. Hang in there. ((((((hugs))))))💜

    P.S. A.A. doesn’t work for everybody. Didn’t work well for me. But it helped a little, so I kept going. If it works a little for you, keep going. I went for years while I was still drinking. Was a great excuse to pass on sharing!!!😃 Never got a sponsor because quite frankly I wasn’t prepared to do the work — and because I wasn’t convinced of it’s promoted value. The facts speak for themselves. Take a look at this:

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