Jumbled Thoughts.

My thoughts are all over the place today.

I don’t know how to make changes.

7 thoughts on “Jumbled Thoughts.

  1. You PUSH yourself…..
    Change is difficult. I have longed for change most of my life. Until I had the desire to make change… It was impossible. Reach deep within. Find your inner strength. Set goals and meet them, no exception. You want change, then you find a way to make it possible. Don’t allow yourself to settle for anything less. You take the step to make a change. Change whatever you want changed. Make it happen. Reach out, Someone may be able to help♥
    I’m sorry you are struggling friend♥

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  2. The only change you need to make is to move towards being the real you. Screw the rest of the worlds opinion and values. As one we come into this world and the same we leave it. Our greatest gift to the world is ourselves, being who we are, expressing our unique talents and abilities. I really believe that a lot of the root of addiction stems from our frustration and inability to just be who we are. Reminds me of another page of my friends site! Check it out: https://onemansjournal.wordpress.com/who-are-you/ ((((((hugs)))))))💜

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