BMJ: Day 80 – Find Your Word

It’s been a while since I last wrote in my Beautiful Me Journal, and if I’m being honest, it’s because I had a horrible attitude – Hilda was sneaking around the edges of my mind, I’m sure. I was wanting to write an entry today about everything I was feeling, but I decided it doesn’t really matter why or how I got to feeling that way. What mattered to me was getting the donkey out of the ditch. And today, I opened up my “Beautiful You” book and read the entry for Day 80 – Finding Your Word. And it inspired in me what I have always embraced, with respect to my struggles in life.

Well, my word is Perseverance.

It’s the idea of never giving up. It’s the idea of keeping the fight going beyond what you think might destroy you. It’s the idea that hard work and discipline will finally overcome the challenges in your life. It is a word I have always embraced and a word I do my best to exemplify the word. Granted, I haven’t persevered in any smooth manner, but does that matter? I don’t think so, but that’s not really the point. No matter what, I will come out of anything on the other side.

I persevere.

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