BMJ: Day 83 – Talk Yourself Out of the Beauty Myth

The holiday season was a little crazy, but it’s been a while since I last made an entry in my Beautiful Me Journal and I thought I’d do that today. The author of the book I’m following is making a request for a journal entry that is based on the things we should stop obsessing over when it comes to beauty and our appearance. So, she suggests we take a moment and write down the reasons WHY we should stop obsessing. I’m realizing, as I write this that she does not ask us to write down what we obsess over, but rather why we shouldn’t. But I’m going to make this sweet and simple, because I don’t think there is any reason more than one:

Obsessing over beauty perception creates an unnatural need to be something other than who we are and it ruins self-esteem.

2 thoughts on “BMJ: Day 83 – Talk Yourself Out of the Beauty Myth

  1. Some of us are obsessed with the way we look; the society we live in places a lot of value on good looks and suggests that beauty will pretty much make your life so much easier to live… unless you weren’t born beautiful and now the obsessive chase to become beautiful becomes all-consuming and, yes, eventually, doing a great deal of damage to one’s self-esteem when the logical part of their brain tells them – truthfully – that whatever beauty goals they’re trying to reach just ain’t gonna happen.

    We worry about our appearance because this is what people see first… and people can be very superficial in their appraisal of what they see about you and not in a good way. Women tend to suffer from body image issues… even when there’s really nothing “wrong” with the way they look… and they know there’s nothing wrong with the way they look but since our society places such a high value on beauty, the obsession sets in and it’s incredibly difficult for them to get out of it.

    Why should you stop obsessing? Because it doesn’t make any sense to obsess about something you may or may not be able to do anything about. It’s inherently dangerous, not only to one’s mental health but some obsess about this to the point where plastic surgery sounds like a good idea… but even that’s not enough to, say, get bigger boobs; the obsession gets worse, more surgery is “needed,” even when they’re told that if they keep going, they’re gonna wind up fucking their bodies up so bad that fixing things will be impossible and maybe even fatal.

    And instead of the beauty they’ve been futilely chasing, they are forever ugly.

    If you can, find and watch the TV show called, “Botched” and you’ll see what I’m talking about. If you’re “obsessed” about the way you look, hmm, I think watching this show will get you thinking about not being obsessed. You’ve said that you need to get back in shape and I get that; good for your overall health and your self-esteem since hitting the gym (or whatever) is a positive step toward getting back into shape.

    Ya still gotta do it, though, and I think that if one is obsessing over the way they look, maybe they should “obsess” over why they’re not doing anything about it other than griping about how out of shape they are.

    Just sayin’.

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