S.A.R.D. #22: Vindictive Sex

WARNINGI’m going to be discussing something of an adult nature. I am whipping this out as it comes to mind and I have thoughts that are raw and uncensored – I may or may not use vulgarity. Oh, and it may have tons of grammatical and spelling errors too (Oh, the horror!?!?!). This post is intended for mature audiences (i.e. ages 21+). Also, names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent.


I was a cop in a small town, and word can get around about who you’re boning or being boned by, but sometimes details of said bonings can get out, as well. Well, this is a story about how my penis size came into conversation. While I was working in this town, I met a woman – Julie – who taught English classes at the local middle school. At the time, I was working closely with the school as part of my law enforcement duties and got to know a few teachers. And having no girlfriend at the time (Kat and I had ended our relationship, although I may still have things to say about her in my Sexual And Relationship Development category), so I was open to dating. Julie and I began hitting it off.

I don’t remember, exactly, how Julie and I made a connection, but I believe she had invited me to her apartment for dinner the first night she and I had sex. She had recently broken up with her boyfriend who had cheated on her. She and I had already been friendly with each other as well. And since my relationship with Kat had ended, I think we were both providing each other with a little cushion to soften our individual crashes. Truthfully, the sex Julie and I had wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad. I can say that having very few options in dating made the relationship kind of convenient. I think there was a love building between us, but it wasn’t extremely passionate.

Eventually, Julie found an opportunity back home in Indiana, where she was from, and made a plan to return. This provided a crossroads to our relationship and she asked me if I would be interested in quitting my job and moving with her. Considering I had not been a cop for very long – maybe 4 months, I really didn’t want to make a move like that so early in my career.  I also felt that she and I were not as passionate about each other as would be needed for something like that. At the time, I truly felt like we were two strangers in a strange town from two relationships that ended – it simply did not feel like a successful relationship was going to happen. So, we had agreed that the relationship was going to be over, because we didn’t want to obligate each other to anything we didn’t want. So, we left the relationship alone and decided that we were not going to be exclusive.  But, we kept having sex, for the remainder of the month before she left.

A few evenings later, a few of the other guys I worked with and I went to a party. No, not to break it up, one of us was actually invited and we went off duty. Of course there was music and dancing and all the kinds of stuff a party might have and I noticed a woman there that interested me. So, I began flirting with her and trying to hit on her. And then, suddenly, it seemed like all of the music stopped and everyone looked at the exact moment to hear her say, “I don’t know, Julie says you have a tiny dick…”

My jaw dropped. And I tried to come up with a response, but nothing happened. A buddy of mine mentioned, out loud, “Oh, That’s some cold shit.”  I felt like the whole world heard this. At this time, I had no idea if I had a small penis or not, I mean, I had not really heard too many complaints – other than the first time Kat cheated on me. But, I was truly embarrassed. I couldn’t believe Julie would tell people anything like this. I didn’t want to stay at the party after that, because I felt extremely exposed – as if I were naked. I left dateless, obviously.

I didn’t call Julie. I didn’t even acknowledge her the next time I saw her while I was on duty. But she reached out to me a couple of days before she moved; she had come to the police station and asked me if I would come over and spend the night with her the last night she as there. So, I agreed. I decided I was going to fuck her good and hard. I mean, how dare she say anything about my penis size? She sure sucked it plenty without complaint and she sure seemed to at least want sex with me, so why not go?

The evening before she left, I arrived at her apartment and she invited me in with dinner prepared among all the boxes and packed things. We ate dinner and talked about her move the next day and that she was headed to be a part of her hometown newspaper staff. It was obvious she was really looking forward to it and I was genuinely happy for her. Eventually we moved over to her couch as she sat next to me and began nibbling my ear and telling me she was going to miss me. I kissed her and playfully told her she could always stay, and she responded playfully too that I could always move with her. She then sank to her knees in front of me and began undoing my belt and zipper as she pulled my penis out and began to kiss it up and down the shaft. I stroked her perfectly groomed brown hair as she enveloped my swelling penis into her mouth and all I could think was, “Deep throat it, you bitch!”

It was like she could hear my thoughts as she began to take me all the way into her mouth and slide me into her throat. I laid my head back and enjoyed the up and down motion her mouth made on my cock. I could feel myself swelling and I knew my dick was fully erect. I would look down at her and she had a grin on her face as she came off of me and then got up as she dropped her own pants and took off her shirt. She straddled across my lap and my dick slid into her wet pussy as she came down and put her hands behind me and we locked lips in the most passionate kiss she and I ever had. Although, the sexual tension was being satiated, my mind and ego were not. I pumped myself upward and into her hips, grinding aggressively as she began to orgasm a little and then I pushed her off stood up and grabbed her hips so she could face away from me. She put her knees on the edge of her couch and leaned over the back. I put the head of my dick at the opening of her pussy and thrusted inward while pulling her hips into me. I began fucking her ferociously and pounded her pussy as hard as I could. As her moaning began to turn to screams and I could tell she was about ready to have an explosive orgasm, I grunted out, “How small is it now, bitch?!”

Then, as her body began to weaken as her orgasm began, I pulled out as fast as I could, pulled my pants on and left without saying goodbye.

I went to work the next day and she had left a letter for me at the office. She thanked me for everything and expressed, again, that she really wanted me to come with her. I never spoke to Julie again, but the following Christmas I had received a card from her. In the card, she has felt it was important to tell me she had met someone and moved on from me. It was 7 months after we had sex last.


6 thoughts on “S.A.R.D. #22: Vindictive Sex

  1. Yeah, that’s pretty vindictive! Women kiss and tell even though they hate it when you’re the one doing the kissing and telling and, yep, they’ll talk about the size of the dicks they’ve been getting. Had a girl I wanted to screw say that another girl told her I had a little dick (and I really don’t) and I just shrugged and said, “She says it’s little… but she wasn’t saying that when she was sucking it and I had it all up in her, huh? You should really want to find out if she was telling the truth or not…”

    Um, she didn’t think I had a little dick. I think the first time a guy gets hit with a woman kissing and telling, getting bent out of shape about it is almost automatic… and if you can get some “revenge” for this breach of privacy, yep – some angry sex is just what the doctor ordered.

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