” You go girl!”

Obviously, it’s a theme today…

Acquiescent Soul

I have a friend – both here and on Twitter – that used the phrase “You go girl!” as a comment to something I posted on Twitter. Playfully, I mentioned, “I’m like 38% female, so what?”.  Granted, I was being playful and goofy and making lighthearted fun of my sexuality, but my friend’s comment made me feel really good.  It reminded me of my last blog, as well. It was a blog I had deleted, entirely, because I felt like I lost myself in it’s words, in its posts and in its complete instability.

Truthfully, I never felt comfortable with it or the path it was beginning to take. I was going through a lot, at the time, and I believe the escapism Stephanie provided me, was a much needed reprieve from the stress, depression and anxiety I felt at the time. Stephanie provided me a chance to come to…

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